An unforgettable escape in the best romantic hotels in Mykonos


Valentine’s Day is here – and it’s your chance to woo and wow. Make an indelible impression on your new lover, or rekindle the magic in a longstanding relationship with a stay at the best romantic hotels in Mykonos.

February 14th holds a special place in the year’s calendar of events – with couples worldwide customarily, if not obligatorily, indulging in lavish declarations of their undying love on what we now call Valentine’s Day. Yet, behind the romantic pledges, beautiful flowers and alluring lingerie, there lies a rather dark tale.

Aeons ago, on February 13th, the ancient Romans held a Pagan feast dedicated to Juno, the Queen of Rome’s gods and the Goddess of women and marriage. The next day marked the commencement of the Lupercalia Festival, during which young boys and girls came into contact – and via a series of rites, often fell in love with each other. These festivities were, in fact, quite raunchy – and could even culminate into fully-blow orgies.

Fast forward in time onto the 3rd century A.D., when Emperor Claudius Gothicus, recognising that these customs challenged the military readiness of his soldiers, issued a decree prohibiting all marriages and engagements in Rome. Undeterred, a young priest named Valentine, defied the decree and continued to clandestinely unite couples in matrimony. Claudius discovered Valentine’s actions and sentenced him to imprisonment and eventual beheading.

Legend has it that on the day of his execution, supposedly February 14th, Valentine left a grateful note for the warden’s daughter, who was a frequent companion during his imprisonment. The note was signed “With love, Valentine,” a phrase that would echo through the centuries to come. Since the 1840s, the exchange of small handwritten notes – known as Valentines – between lovers became commonplace in England. This trend quickly spread to America, facilitated by industrialisation and inexpensive postage. With globalisation, St. Valentine’s Day evolved into the universally recognised celebration we know today.

Some might think that candlelit dinners and red roses are cliched and kind of corny. But deep down, everybody loves a good romance. Whether you are in a committed relationship or with a new flame, consider making a gesture that will ignite genuine enthusiasm. And what better way to express “I love you” than with an unforgettable escape to the best romantic hotels in Mykonos?

Plan your couple’s escape in the best romantic hotels in Mykonos.

Despite its party-hard reputation, the Aegean’s glam queen is a fantastic destination for a holiday adventure with that special someone in your life. Activities for couples in Mykonos run the gamut from spellbinding sunsets to massages for two, star-studded dinners or private cruises to Delos and Rhenia.

If your idea of romance includes exploring a postcard-pretty historic town with fascinating architecture and a zestful, cosmopolitan drinking and dining scene, your go-to is the Semeli Town. Tucked away in a central but quiet corner of the island’s iconic capital, this is arguably the best romantic hotel in Mykonos Town – with superb design, luxurious yet characterful accommodations, a sophisticated pool scene, gorgeous sunset and nighttime views and fine dining under the star-lit Aegean sky.

Yet while all rooms and suites are gorgeous, spacious and lavishly appointed, if you are seriously looking to elevate the stakes, the striking executive suite is your top choice. Just imagine soaking in the mini spa of your private veranda against the backdrop of blue skies and seas, cocktail in hand and loved one in tow. And if you ever decide to leave your cocooned heaven, head to the Semeli’s awarded Aegeon Spa for some delicious pampering with signature couple therapies – or pop down to clink champagne flutes and experience sensational gastronomy at Thioni and Krama restaurants – Mykonos’ premier glamour spots.

Starry-eyed lovers with a penchant for sociability will also do well by choosing the Mykonos View. Climbed on the slopes of a hill overlooking the fashionable cube houses of the main town and the Aegean’s blue waters beyond, it is among the best romantic hotels in Mykonos – with sublime views, quaint architecture, impeccable service and heartfelt hospitality. And the cherry on top? The onsite Oniro sunset bar-restaurant is as dreamy as its name suggests – a perfect spot for igniting the passion, fostering intimacy and bringing back the spark.

Experience seaside idyll at the Semeli Coast – the island’s latest destination resort and one of the best romantic hotels in Mykonos.

If, on the other hand, you want to get away from them all (bar, of course, your lover), the brand-new Semeli Coast is your perfect match. Set among jaw-dropping, untainted scenery, steps away from the pristine sands of Merchia Bay, the island’s latest destination hotel blends sublime serenity with unmatched comfort. Opt for the stunning Bridal Suite for an escape that’ll linger forever in the memory. With panoramic sea views, a private hydromassage and gym, an oversized bed and a huge bathroom with a rain shower, it sets the stage for a couples getaway that’s textbook romance. The pioneering wellness experienced in the resort’s ultra-luxurious spa is an extra bonus – and so are the mouthwatering flavours served at the onsite restaurant under the canopy of the Aegean’s stars. Kick back in the hotel’s secluded beach, explore the beauty of Mykonos’ unspoiled north-east shore, roll back the years with an exclusive spa treatment, tantalise your palates with exquisite cocktails and food – or just stay cooped in the privileged world of your suite. The choice is yours – and yours only.

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