Mykonos Beaches for any mood


Life on the beach takes a whole new meaning on Mykonos’ spectacular shores

Though it is a legendary party destination, Mykonos is more than letting loose on the dance floor and sleeping until noon. Surrounded by the Aegean’s sparkling blue waters, the island of the winds boasts some of the world’s most spectacular beaches –  and they also come in various styles to suit different moods and dispositions: From the oh-so-glamorous, stomping grounds of the celebrities and their paparazzi, to popular or secret nudist haunts, and from family-friendly golden shores to paradisiacal surfers’ hangouts. 

Whether you are craving king-sized sunbeds and champagne-drenched parties, or an off-the-beaten-path experience where the only soundtrack is the sound of the waves and the seagulls, there are one or more Mykonos beaches to fuel your wanderlust. Read on for our Semeli comprehensive guide, to customize your stay with the options that suit your style and yearnings.

Mykonos beaches for party animals

Super Paradise Beach

Location: 7 km southeast of Mykonos Town
A celebrated party beach with golden sand and turquoise waters; organised facilities and exemplary service. Home to the namesake bar that made it internationally famous, it is the realm of tireless party animals from all over the planet.

Paradise Beach

Location: 6 km southeast of Mykonos Town
A go-to destination for all-day partying by the sea. It also has a nudists’ section, and there are water sports available.

Paraga Beach

Location: 6 km south of Mykonos Town
It has fine sand, blue waters and an amazing view of ancient Delos. Supremely organised on its northern side, it also hosts some of the hippest and most happening beach bars in Mykonos.

Mykonos beaches for families with kids

Platis Gialos Beach

Location: 5 km south of Mykonos Town
A well-organized, sports-friendly, spacious and sandy beach with several hotels and restaurants. With shallow, clear waters, it attracts families and young couples and is one of the top crowd-pleasers in Mykonos. It is also the departing point for water taxis going to Super Paradise and the other beaches on the southern part of the island.

Agios Stefanos Beach

Location: 3 km north of Mykonos Town
Smallish and not hugely crowded, well-protected, organised beach with some water sports facilities. Popular among families with children and locals.

Lia Beach

Location: 14 km southeast of Mykonos Town
Next to buzzing Kalafatis, it is organized, albeit quite serene by Mykonos standards, with exotic, emerald waters, comfortable sun loungers and a very good beach bar-restaurant. It’s also a great spot for diving and snorkelling.

Ornos Beach

Location: 3 km south of Mykonos Town
A lovely scenic beach with soft sand and very clear waters, it is one of the most popular in Mykonos. Favoured by families and sports fanatics it offers a wealth of options in tavernas, restaurants, café bars, sunbeds and umbrellas. It is also the departure point for the boats to Super Paradise, Agrari and Elia.

Agrari Beach

Location: 10 km southeast of Mykonos Town
A quiet, sheltered beach, with a long, golden sandy strip, it is ideal if you want to avoid (large) crowds. Umbrellas, sun beds and water sports facilities are available, albeit on a smaller scale. It is also accessed by boat from Platis Gialos.

Mykonos beaches for sports lovers

Elia Beach

Location: 11 km southeast of Mykonos Town
One of the largest, well-organized beaches with sunbeds and beach bars, it also offers abundant choice in water sports. It is also favoured by the gay and nudist communities – you’ll spot the colourful flag flying usually in the small sunbed-free section for those who prefer to lie on the sand.

Ftelia Beach

Location: 7 km east of Mykonos Town

Beautiful and largely unorganised, with a distinctly bohemian vibe. Home to one of the most popular beach bars on the island, it is characteristically windy, thus attracting adrenaline-seeking windsurfers, while keeping the hoi-polloi out.

Kalafatis Beach

Location: 12 km east of Mykonos Town
The number one choice for water sports fans, it has very soft sand and crystal clear waters. Sunbeds, a windsurfing and water sports school, and plenty of tavernas and restaurants are available.

Korfos Beach

Location: 3 km south of Mykonos Town
The choice of windsurfers and kite surfers thanks to its typically strong winds. Though usually unfit for swimming, it boasts beautiful crystal clear waters and stunning scenery.

Megali Ammos Beach

Location: 2 km south of Mykonos Town
Lovely, sandy and non-organized beach within walking distance from Chora – which is why it attracted the first tourists back in the 60s. Preferred by windsurfers due to the strong winds. It also sports a riding school.

Mykonos beaches for wanderers and explorers

Fokos/ Mirsini
Location: 12 km north of Mykonos Town
Both are untouched, serene beaches with deep emerald green waters and thick sand. Umbrellas and sunbeds are out of the question so you will need to bring your own. Fokos has a small, family taverna, but if you opt for Mirsini remember to carry some water and snacks with you. Mirsini is also nudist-friendly.


Location: 9 km north of Mykonos Town
Accessible via Ano Mera, it is a tiny, serene, beautiful, pebbly beach, ideal for those looking for some peace and quiet. Bring water and supplies along and be prepared for driving on a dirt road.


Location: 5 km south of Mykonos Town
A secret for those in the know, next to Agios Ioannis beach. It is a small, charming cove engulfed by rocks, with an amazing view of Delos. Tread carefully as there is a really steep downhill path starting at the end of the road.

Agia Anna Beach

Location: 12 km east of Mykonos Town
A small and quite serene beach to the right of Kalafatis, with organised facilities and an amazing traditional taverna.

Divounia Beach

Location: 12 km east of Mykonos Town
Small and quiet, it is a divergence from the crowded beaches of Mykonos. A perfect spot to relax and enjoy some privacy, ideal for couples. You’ll also find two taverns that serve the catch of the day, in the homonymous, traditional hamlet, next to the beach.

Agios Lazaros Beach

Location: 6 km south of Mykonos Town
A small beach among the well-known Platys Gialos, Psarou, Paraga and Ornos beaches. Beautiful and less crowded.

Vatheia Lagada

Location: 6 km north of Mykonos Town
At the northeastern tip of the island, Vathia Lagada is difficult to reach and even more difficult to find. Yet those who have an adventurous spirit and a 4×4 will be fascinated by the pristine sands, crystal clear waters and striking, virgin scenery.

Loulos Beach

Location: 10 km south of Mykonos Town
If you get tired of the uber glamorous scene at Kalo Livadi, walk for about 1 km to Loulos beach: This is a gorgeous secluded bay with sapphire waters, high rocks ideal for diving and no a celebrity in sight.


Location: 6 km north of Mykonos Town
Mythology stipulates that this is the spot where the Giants were buried after their defeat by mighty Hercules. Nowadays Choulakia with its trademark large and shiny pebbles – allegedly made of the said Titans’ fragmented bodies – is a protected area and no one is allowed to remove even one single pebble! The scenery is striking with an amazing view of the sunset; while there is a small cove and sandy spot on the left side.

Agios Sostis Beach

Location: 8 km northeast of Mykonos Town
Supremely beautiful, unspoiled and unorganised. Fashionable with the boho-chic crowd and accessible by a private vehicle only. Its tavern is a must, well worth the inescapable wait.

Mykonos beaches for jetsetters

Kalo Livadi

Location: 10 km south-east of Mykonos Town
Classic stomping ground of the champagne-sipping, Greek and foreign jet setters. A sandy beach, surrounded by the deep blue of the Aegean, it features a water sports school and beach volleyball. There are luxurious sun beds and high-end beach bars and restaurants – including some world-famous options.

Panormos Beach

Location: 6 km northeast of Mykonos Town
Boasting translucent waters and strong winds it was once the hangout of surfers and their fans. Nowadays it has also become fashionable among VIPs and celebrities, though retains some of its laid-back aura. Partly organised-and home to one of the most well-known, super-elite beach bar restaurants on the island.

Psarou Beach

Location: 5 km south of Mykonos Town
The choice of celebrities and tycoons, it hosts one of the world’s hottest, most elite beach bars. Good-looking people, packed wallets, champagne crates and luxurious yachts in the foreground.

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