Beaches in Mykonos for those in the know


You will (most likely) not go to Mykonos for peace and quiet. You will go to this world class Mecca of cosmopolitanism, to see and to be seen; to eat in gourmet restaurants like Thioni and Krama; to chill out at stylishly opulent hotels like the Semeli; shop designer clothes at 2:00 in the morning; sip champagne concoctions at Little Venice’s Semeli the Bar; rub shoulders with the glitterati at Bao’s; go clubbing until dawn at Toy Room and then continue to party on the beach.

Indeed beaches in Mykonos are amongst the island’s principal claims to fame-and not without good reason: Unlike their counterparts in other Greek islands, where rocks and pebbles are the main features, beaches in Mykonos are wide and mostly sandy, perfect for recuperating after a night of revelry, relaxing with a cocktail in hand, trying watersports or getting the party going.

So you will certainly visit the glamorous beaches in Mykonos: The playground of choice of the paparazzi hunted, scantily clad celebrities, european royalty and Arab princes; international jet setters-and everyone in between; who flock there to live the dream under the glistening Aegean sun. And you’ll of course have one hell of a time while you’re at it.

Yet there is another side of Mykonos, picturesque, authentic, serene-almost zen-like, which is unbeknown to most. Guess what! Even in the high season there are still beautiful, empty beaches in Mykonos to uncover. Sans gigantic sunbeds, signature cocktails and “Despacito” booming in the background. With the sound of the waves and the seagulls as the only soundtrack and (in some cases) honest, good food served in quaint, little tavernas.

For those willing to take the path less travelled -and be rewarded by discovering some little known, paradisiacal hideaways– look no further than our Semeli list of secret beaches in Mykonos:

Secret beaches in Mykonos


A haven for peace and quiet seekers; this is a tiny and serene, isolated beach. Make sure you bring water and supplies with you and keep in mind that it requires driving on a dirt road. The stunning scenery will however aptly recompense you. Stay till dusk and gaze at the sun setting down over the scenic fishermen’s’ houses and the chapel of St Nicholas at the tip of the cove. You’re bound to fall in love and will surely wanna come back for more. Good news is that the Semeli Mykonos Luxury hotel group, is planning to launch its novel establishment at Merchia. On the northern side, 8 km away from Chora.


A staple among those in the know. It is a small, charming cove engulfed by rocks, with an idyllic view of Delos and the sunset. Tread carefully as there is a really steep downhill path starting at the end of the road. 5 km south of Chora.

Fokos/ Mirsini

12 km north of Chora, they are two untouched, serene beaches with deep emerald green waters, sand and smooth pebbles. Umbrellas and sunbeds are out of the question so you will need to bring your own. Just like old times. Fokos has a small, family run taverna, but if you opt for Mirsini remember to carry some water and snacks with you. Both are nudist friendly.

Vatheia Lagada

15 km. from Chora, at the northeastern tip of the island, Vathia Lagada -deep grazing in Greek– is difficult to reach and even more difficult to find. Yet those adventurous spirits (in possession of a 4×4) will be compensated by the pristine sand, crystal clear waters and striking scenery.

Loulos Beach

Should you find yourselves at the uber glamorous Kalo Livadi and feel in need of a change of scenery, walk for about 1 km to Loulos beach: This is a gorgeous secluded bay with sapphire waters, high rocks ideal for diving and not a celebrity in sight. 11 km from Chora.


Mythology stipulates that this is the spot where the Giants were buried after their defeat by mighty Hercules. Nowadays Choulakia with its trademark large and shiny pebbles -allegedly made of the said Titans’ fragmented bodies- is a protected area. In fact you are not allowed to remove even one single pebble! The scenery is striking nevertheless with an amazing view of the sunset; while there is a small cove and sandy spot on the left side.

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