What to do in Mykonos


From glorious secret beaches to on-the-table dancing you’ll not get a moment’s boredom on the island of the winds. Here’s what to do in Mykonos to ensure you’ll remember this experience for life.

Paradisiacal beaches; a glitzy lifestyle; photogenic landmarks; stunning scenery; sacred monuments…Like all legends, mythic Mykonos has more than one components. Though each one is alluring in their own right, in this case, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. And it is beckoning all those who are craving for a taste of the good life.

It’s been a while now, but the time has come to start living again. With the Semeli luxury Mykonos Town hotel finally open for the season since May 5th, what better way to do just that, than with a visit to the sun-kissed, exclusive playground of the jet setters’? 
We’d be happy to help you make the most of your days and nights on the whitewashed island of the winds. To this end, we have compiled a list of handpicked suggestions for what to do in Mykonos to ensure that your first, long overdue, escapade remains in history.

Live the Mykonos dream

With a potent mix of pristine natural beauty and best in class facilities, Mykonos is all about celebrating life. But where you’ll stay does make a huge difference: At a fairly central but quaint and quiet corner of the iconic capital, the Semeli Best 5* Hotel in Mykonos Town features an unparalleled blend of high-end services and designer amenities. Yet more than just an uber-luxurious place to sleep, it is also atmospheric as much as hip and happening: Just the spot to see and be seen, rub shoulders with the smart set and experience Mykonos at its most enchanting.

What to do in Mykonos? Partake in the sunset ritual!

The stunning seascapes and carefree island lifestyle are what lured the bon vivants of the ’60s. Nowadays their favourite afternoon pastime still goes strong: Follow their lead and watch the sun making its dramatic exit for the day from the vantage perspective of Little Venice: This colourful, seafront neighbourhood that cannily resembles its namesake, is especially magical at dusk. Make sure to get a table on the emblematic Semeli the Bar, to savour the views, cocktails and on the table dancing. Or head to Bao’s with the most famous sea-facing window on the island to enjoy the sun’s spectacular dive in the Aegean’s blue waters along with uplifting drinks and electrifying vibes.

What to do in Mykonos? Discover the secret side!

Mykonos is world-famous, if not notorious, for its beach parties. And though it is brimming with cosmopolitan, well-organised beaches with gigantic sunbeds and the latest tunes blasting in the background, there are other shores where the only soundtrack is that of the splashing of the waves and the singing of the seagulls. Granted these are fewer and unbeknown to most, but equally picturesque and beautiful. Take Merchia for example. A tiny, serene beach, tucked in the northeastern part of the island, 8 km away from Ano Mera, with no sign of organized facilities, it is a spot of paradise lost for peace and quiet seekers: Stay till the sun goes down and get wowed by the sight of the scenic fishermen’s houses and the chapel of St Nicholas at dusk, lying right on the rocks at the tip of the cove.

What to do in Mykonos? Experience Fusion & Greek fine dining!

As a truly epicurean destination, Mykonos boasts a thriving culinary scene: Its latest and most exciting entry is Cantera at the heart of postcard-pretty Little Venice: Introducing a sparkling new concept of Asian cuisine that combines the fusion of sushi with the meat cult, this gorgeous new restaurant also comes with iconic vistas over the famous windmills and the colourful houses floating above the water. That is palatable pleasures and great photo opportunities rolled in one!

The local food and drinks scene is most often cosmopolitan in style and tone. There is however one notable exception: Introducing the concept of Greek fine dining amid luscious, well-designed settings, Krama restaurant tempts with its gastronomic creations: Informed by the axioms of simplicity, symmetry and balance, these are inspired yet unpretentious; aligned with the times, though representative of Greece’s remarkable culinary tradition and found upon seasonality, the freshest raw materials and the sea that is right on our backyard.

What to do in Mykonos? Party like Gatsby!

The best nights are usually random, unplanned and spontaneous. But on this island where choices abound, but not all that shines is gold, it’s best to be forearmed with insights about the hottest hot spots before it’s time to uncork the champagne and start dancing on the table. A favourite of the glitzy, paparazzi snapped set, Toy Room is the place to be, to see and be seen and to party like a pro, magnums of the finest bubbly and all. Likewise, a few meters further down, in Little Venice, Sanctus is the first private deep house nightclub in Mykonos. Staggering views aside, it features a world-class DJ line up, an electrically charged atmosphere and distinctly uplifting vibes. Come dawn, and you’ll probably wish that this night would last forever!

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