Greek fine dining in Mykonos, Semeli Best Luxury Hotel


Michelin starred chef Ioannis Parikos joins forces with Krama Restaurant to introduce the concept of Greek fine dining in Mykonos

To the naked eye, Mykonos is just a small piece of (party) land floating in the Mediterranean. To those in the know, however, it is a paradisiacal, five star, five senses destination: With best-in-class food, sights and fun rolled into one mouth-watering package. Palatable pleasures indeed proliferate on this island that has become synonymous with the high life. You can have top of the range sushi and ceviche in Mykonos. French, Italian, American, Tapas, Peruvian or everything in between too. Fusion is very much in vogue and there are plenty of hot eateries that prove it.

Somewhat bizarrely though, there is a notable lack of Greek fine dining in Mykonos.

This country, after all, boasts a time-honoured, celebrated gastronomic tradition; and a handful of contemporary, culinary geniuses who reinterpret and revamp this delectable legacy per the spirit of the times.

Greek fine dining in Mykonos

Michelin starred chef Ioannis Parikos, is one of the prime such examples.

“Greece is much more than its landscapes or beaches. It is also its people, customs and folks, music, dance, habits, culture and gastronomy”, he states. Using taste as a vehicle to showcase all that Greece is, Parikos creates at Krama: One of the acclaimed onsite restaurants at the Semeli best luxury hotel in Mykonos town.

Imaginative, yet unpretentious, his version of Greek fine dining in Mykonos is irresistibly scrumptious and impossible to forget. His are dishes with which someone can fall in love with, or at minimum seek flavoursome comfort.

At the beautifully set, candlelit environs of Krama, the emphasis is on tradition. Under the chef’s expert guidance, all-time Greek classics are reimagined through fresh lenses, in terms of techniques as well as aesthetics and presentation. Everything is prepared with handpicked, locally sourced, seasonal ingredients -from Mykonos and the Cyclades especially- while balance is key.

Krama means amalgam in Greek, and for any mixture to serve its purpose, it must have symmetry and proportion. Informed by the axioms of simplicity and equilibrium, Parikos’ craft and ingenuity, transform the country’s staples into culinary gems that tempt foodies from all over the world.

Amidst sea view, atmospheric settings, Krama offers an all-senses experience of Greek fine dining in Mykonos: One that not only delights but also serves its original purpose: That is to introduce visitors into the customs, cadences and authentic spirit of the country, through a culinary adventure.

As travellers become increasingly savvy, experience- hunters, hospitality proprietors must focus on authenticity and originality: The potent sum of all those one-of-a-kind traits and characteristics that make a space and place special.

Once again at the vanguard, the Semeli Mykonos Town Hotel innovates by connecting its guests and friends with the soul of the island of the winds, through local gastronomy. Introducing the concept of Greek fine dining in Mykonos, Krama at the Semeli, is open from 15/6/21 for yet another palatable season with star-studded chef Ioannis Parikos, one of the most talented and respected Greek culinarians, at the helm.

You are invited to an unforgettable gastronomic journey, under the stars, in the company of ambient live music!

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