Top Instagram Places In Mykonos (part1)


Lights, camera, action! Get ready to strike a pose against some of the most photogenic spots on the planet: Here are our handpicked suggestions for the Best Instagram Places In Mykonos.

An iconic, whitewashed old town with sugar cube houses and blue-domed chapels. A Mediterranean labyrinth of bougainvillaea-clad alleyways lined up with designer stores. A cluster of sea-facing, thatched windmills next to a colourful neighbourhood with balconies suspended above the water. Pristine beaches, glamorous clubs and beautiful people partying against tangerine sunsets: This is textbook Mykonos imagery, you’ve probably seen plastered all over your Instagram feed at some point or the other. Undeniably, the island of the winds is one of the most charismatic places in the world, filled with gorgeous scenery and a lifestyle that celebrates pleasure. Of the five senses: You’ll invariably relish its fun and vibrant party scene. But you’ll also be mesmerized with the food, the culture, the architecture and the sights.

In fact, Mykonos gets more and more beautiful around each corner, in every picturesque nook and cranny. Whether you are an accomplished photographer or an aspiring influencer, it’s next to impossible to capture a bad shot here. If you’re visiting during peak season, June through August, bear in mind, however, that you’ll either have to wake up before dawn or battle crowds for the best Instagram places in Mykonos. Though most of these spots are in Chora, within a lovely short stroll from the Semeli best 5-star luxury hotel in Mykonos Town, it is also worth renting a scooter or ATV, to check out the rest of the island for postcard-pretty lighthouses, antique monasteries, and that’s not to mention stunning beaches.

From a National Geographic-calibre shot of rugged fishermen to a much-liked, sundowner selfie, read on for the best Instagram places in Mykonos.

Best Instagram places in Mykonos Town: Paraportiani

Churches in Mykonos are more than the number of its bars or the days in a year. In fact, there are about 700 of them, one per local family, all of them pristinely beautiful and Instagram worthy. The most famous however is none other than the whitewashed, asymmetrical and distinctly unique structure of Panagia (Virgin Mary) Paraportiani:

Built in successive phases, from the late 14th to the 17th century, next to the entrance of the Medieval castle, this is actually an amalgam of five churches in one. Blending Byzantine, vernacular, traditional and western influences, Paraportiani presents a very interesting architectural assemblage and has become one of the most photographed landmarks in the whole of Greece. Though its spartan, brilliant white walls and eye-catching shape constitute the perfect backdrop against which to showcase your colourful new dress, please remember that Paraportiani is also a working worship space.

Best Instagram places in Mykonos Town: Windmills

Climbed on top of a hill with all sweeping views over the whitewashed Town and the waves crashing below, the windmills are one of the most powerful symbols of Mykonos. Dating from the 16th century, these snow-white, spherical mills were used for grain grinding, thereby markedly contributing to the island’s economic development. With the advent of industrialization, their operation gradually ceased. Out of the 28 original mills, nowadays only 16 survive. Of these, seven are located within Mykonos town and five are concentrated on a straight strip of land a few meters away from the quaint district of Little Venice. Highly photogenic, this complex of five mills (kato myloi), gets crowded especially at sunset time. The setting is indeed stunning but for an equally fascinating experience head to the less touristic Bonis Windmill perched high above Mykonos Town. This is home to the Agricultural Museum offering further insights into the islands’ agricultural history through the display of authentic tools like a waterwheel, an outdoor oven and a wine press. Bonis Mill also affords a mind-blowing panorama of the iconic Chora, the sea and the horizon, stretching unperturbed beyond.

Best Instagram places in Mykonos Town: Little Venice

At the port’s southwest end, the quaint neighbourhood of Alefkandra was developed in the 16th century, when Mykonos was under Venetian rule. These colourful houses with balconies hanging above the sea, at the time, housed the island’s rich merchants and traders. Piracy flourished however with the advent of the Ottomans, and the former captains’ residences became buccaneers’ secret dens. A dash of notoriety never hurts, and nowadays Little Venice is the idyllic, waterfront spot where jet setters invariably rendezvous: To catch the sunset with a glass of champagne at hand, then dance away their worries, and of course record all this for posterity (and followers!). Hotness factor aside, the most photogenic of all Little Venice locations are Semeli the Bar, Bao’s and ToyRoom. You’ll be competing with other over-zealous photographers for the most likeable sunset angle, so a good idea is to turn up earlier, at midday, for that just perfect wave crashing shot.

Mykonos is brimming with super instagrammable spots. Stay tuned at the Semeli luxury Mykonos Hotel blog for more insider tips and ideas for pics, guaranteed to make a sensation.

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