Top Instagram spots in Mykonos (part 2)


Looking for some new followers? Just take a pic at the top Instagram spots in Mykonos

Rivalling Ibiza or Miami, Mykonos boasts a glitzy club scene that every year attracts the young (at heart!) and the restless. But this white and blue island is not just about dusk to dawn partying.

One of the most scenic places in the world, Mykonos will make you think that you‘ve just walked into a cinematic set before you even have the chance to say “yassou” *. 

With its sugar-cube houses, colourful staircases and balconies, cobblestone alleys, antique windmills, quaint churches and rioting pink bougainvillaeas, the island of the winds is a photographer’s heaven: The all-encompassing sky and sea providing that Instagram worthy pop of turquoise in the background. If you are looking for that just perfect shot to bring you hundreds of extra followers, then you should check our handpicked suggestions for the top Instagram spots in Mykonos

Armenistis Lighthouse

“Armenistis”, the Lighthouse of Mykonos, is located on the northeastern part of the island at about 7 km away from Mykonos Town. Built in 1891, this imposing maritime emblem overlooks the sparkling blue stretch between Mykonos and neighbouring Tinos and the fascinating boat traffic to and from the port. A scenic, albeit secluded, attraction, Armenistis is one of the top Instagram spots in Mykonos with easy access from the main town: To get there just follow the signs to Fanari/Agios Stefanos, and make sure to have your camera ready as this charming coastal road is brimming with photo ops, too!

Panagia Tourliani Monastery

About 8 km east of Chora, Mykonos’ iconic, glamorous capital, Ano Mera is the island’s only other real town: A place that has escaped (too much) touristic development and is inhabited by Greeks. Though it lacks the sea view, Ano Mera is charming and picturesque, in a typical Cycladic settlement kind of way. Aside from sampling traditional food in one of the tavernas, head here for the 18th-century Monastery of Panagia Tourliani: With its intricate marble carvings and massive Italian baroque altar screen it is one of the top Instagram spots in Mykonos, and on the upside, you won’t have to battle the crowds for that just-perfect shot. A further kilometre northbound, you’ll also reach the archaeological site of Palaiokastro featuring the remains of a Medieval castle and the quaint chapel of St Vlassis.

Panahrantos Church

In keeping up with the ecclesiastical theme, this cute little church with its trademark flags is located in the area of Matogiannia, in the heart of Mykonos Town. It looks good from several angles, which make it one of the top Instagram spots in Mykonos, and it is usually not particularly crowded.

Mykonos Town

Praised even by the great architect mastermind, Le Corbusier, Mykonos Town is a sight for sore eyes: Whitewashed cube houses with sculpted curves and red doors next to quaint lovely chapels, maze-like alleys lined up with chic cafes, boutiques and stores, pink bougainvillaea everywhere. Depending on your style and mood there is something for all in this postcard-pretty town: World-class shopping and dining, bar hopping, cocktail sipping, celebrity spotting or just people watching. Get lost in the labyrinth streets and have your camera ready: There is a new photogenic spot in every turn, nook and cranny.

However, as the island’s main hub for socialization and sightseeing, Mykonos Town gets crammed with tourists especially when the cruise ships are in. And to get that perfect shot, complete with an iconic alley and colourful door in the background, you need to get up early in the morning. This also means that if you are on a photo-taking spree, it’s best to stay at a hotel in Mykonos Town, like the Semeli.

Semeli best 5-star luxury hotel in Mykonos Town

Tucked in a fairly central, though quiet corner of Chora, the Semeli best 5-star luxury hotel in Mykonos Town is an ideal choice if you are looking to experience the legendary Mykonian lifestyle and to capture it all with your camera too: With its wide range of top-class services and facilities, the Semeli Mykonos boutique hotel is a pampering haven dedicated to the good life. Located in a renovated neoclassical mansion, with manicured gardens and unbeatable views over the whitewashed houses and the Aegean sea beyond, it is also one of the top Instagram spots in Mykonos in itself: From its starlit pool, lined up with designer sunbeds and beautiful people, to its acclaimed restaurants Thioni and Krama; and from its chic and suave Lobby Lounge Bar to the indulgent premisses of its Spa, the Semeli is chock full with instagrammable corners, you’re sure to have seen pop up on your social media feed before. Can you imagine a more exciting place to stay than this? For the best rates and offers, book online and start living the dream!

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