Greek Fine Dining at Krama Restaurant of Semeli Luxury Hotel in Mykonos


Krama means amalgam in ancient Greek. By default any mix needs measure and balance if it is to be harmonious-or in this case delectable. The just launched homonymous restaurant at the newly revamped Semeli luxury boutique Hotel in Mykonos, offers a novel, Greek fine dining experience; signed by acclaimed chef Chrysanthos Karamolegos.

Informed by time honored recipes from all over the country, and based on the axioms of simplicity, symmetry, authenticity and equilibrium, Karamolegos’ creations at Krama restaurant showcase the goodness and wealth of locally sourced seasonal materials; and through their unexpected, one of a kind combinations, dazzle even the most discerning gourmands’ palates.

Concocting new gastronomic trends at Krama restaurant

No wonder the aesthetes destination of choice, Mykonos owes much of its allure to its open minded, avant garde nature. In fact it has always been a cool and edgy architect of trends in just about everything; fashion, music, design and of course gastronomy. The hip set’s premier choice and Mykonos town’s shiniest star, Semeli luxury boutique hotel, has diachronically played a major part in all this. In its attempt to elevate the hospitality experience to unprecedented heights, Semeli always strives to team up with the best of the best. That is why in the summer 2018 season, it has joined forces  with celebrated chef Chrysanthos Karamolegos.

Having proved his creative prowess, talent and skill time and again through a host of remarkable culinary collaborations, Karamolegos nowadays works wonders at the kitchen of newfound, Krama restaurant at the just renovated Semeli luxury boutique hotel.

His is a cuisine inspired yet unpretentious; that pays homage to the Cycladic and Greek culinary tradition and is based on seasonality, the freshest raw materials and the ocean that is right on our backyard.

“Visitors come to Greece for its sea and sun and its amazing landscapes; but also for the history; the customs, folks, legends and traditions. They want to know what Greece is about and a very big part of this is its food. They don’t want to eat yet another filet mignon or a ribeye steak (which they have already sampled in-most likely-much better versions in London or New York). Instead they want to try what locals eat and get thus immersed in the country’s culture. This is how all this came about”, Karamolegos states: “Κrama after all, is an ancient Greek word which signifies the harmonious marriage of parts that create a concordant ensemble. Etymologically furthermore, Krama is the root of the word wine ( krasi in Greek), which in antiquity denoted the proportionate blending of undiluted wine with water, in order to produce the ideal concoction which accompanied meals” . “ Honoring this very concept, we created the homonymous restaurant at Semeli”.

Among Karamolengos’’  signature creations for Krama restaurant are the artichokes with grilled haloumi cheese, fennel houmous, and ouzo scented butter; the lettuce rolls stuffed with prawns and crayfish in saffron sauce and sea urchins; or the orzo pasta, cooked in tomato juice, served with grilled lamb marinated in sundried tomato paste.

Gastronomic delights are though but one aspect of Krama restaurant at the Semeli luxury boutique hotel. The other forte is it’s unique, unparalleled atmosphere-imagine a mix of an uber cool, sophisticated party and a romantic, opulent, candle-lit dinner.

Indeed Krama restaurant  promises and delivers an unforgettable all senses experience, which embraces the welcoming spirit of Mykonos–distinct, original, and hard to leave. We cordially invite you to come and join the fun!

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