Why is a private Boat Rental In Mykonos a great idea?


From dusk to dawn partying, to cruising amid crystal blue seas, adventure takes many forms on the island of the winds.

Granted, at the Semeli Luxury Mykonos Town Hotel, we are big fans of the legendary Mykonos nightlife -with Bao’s, Semeli the Bar and Toy Room, among other emblematic temples of entertainment, we have certainly played our part in constructing that myth!

Yet in this blog post, we will be focusing on the daytime’s escapades and the pleasures of a private boat rental in Mykonos.

In the covid-19 era, after all, it is best to be safe than sorry and what could be more risk-free than embarking on a private yachting trip with your boat rental in Mykonos? But let us elaborate:

Multiple options to suit every need and whim & freedom to do as you please with your boat rental in Mykonos

At the heart of the Aegean Archipelagos, Mykonos is a yachtsman’s paradise: Think deep blue waters glistening against cerulean skies. Dolphins playing along the way. Society beaches but also isolated coves. Tangerine sunsets and onboard cocktails. With your private boat rental in Mykonos, you can do as little or as much as you want. You can go skinny dipping in secluded bays and secret beaches if that’s your style and disposition. Or you can get to see and be seen aboard the vessel of your dreams, in cosmopolitan shores that are the stomping ground of the champagne siping set. You may also enjoy hours of fun in the sun, playing with the water toys that come with your boat rental in Mykonos.

Island hopping is a great option too: At a mere two nautical miles away, you may explore the mythological birthplace of twins Artemis and Apollo, Delos: Antiquity’s sacred island and most important religious and commercial centre, with its remarkably well preserved -and that’s not to mention fascinating- archaeological site. Though overshadowed by its shiny neighbour, Rhenea (or Rineia) next to Delos, is moreover a little known paradise; with no inhabitants, ruins of ancient temples and crystalline waters. These are an experience in themselves, but this 8km long little isle has more to offer: Rhenea is separated from Delos by a small patch of sea, on where there are two rocks –“the little Rematiaris” and “the big Rematiaris”. On these rocks, you will find the ruins of an ancient Greek temple and the remnants of a Christian church dating some 1900 years back. This means that Rhenea is one of the few places on earth where you can admire ancient monuments in the same natural habitat they were originally built in, aeons ago.

Yet with your boat rental in Mykonos, you may venture even further: Naxos town with its towering Venetian castle and famous Portara arch -the gateway to an unfinished temple of Apollo, is approximately 23 nautical miles away. The neoclassical Ermoupolis, the capital of Syros is at a 25 miles distance, while the postcard-pretty island of Tinos is less than 12 miles away.

A private vessel is also the best way to explore the island’s rich underwater life: There are two wrecks in Mykonos that remain almost intact on its seabed. “Anna II “, a cargo ship that sank in 1995, is located close to Lia beach. Resting at a depth of 20 to 30 metres, it functions as an artificial reef attracting many marine life species and is suitable for all levels of divers. The “Peloponnese”, on the other hand, lies on the northeastern side of Mykonos at over 55 meters. The boat which sunk in 1926, is cut in two and is prefered by more experienced divers, due to the location’s harsh weather conditions and great depth. What’s more Tragonissi (or Dragonisi) about a mile from Mykonos’ northeastern coast is a small rocky island, with a unique system of caves and caverns, which make it ideal for underwater exploration. This is also a protected area and refuge for the Monachus Monachus species.

So how about spicing up your Mykonos holidays with an adventure onboard? Consult with our concierge at the Semeli best five-star luxury hotel in Mykonos Town, and start living the sea voyage of your dreams!

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