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Shower yourselves with love at the Semeli Spa with a tailor-designed Mykonos massage 

The ultimate gift any holiday can give is relaxation inside and out – complete body, mind and soul rejuvenation. With a holistic approach to well-being, at the Semeli best luxury hotel in Mykonos Town, we strive to offer you the 5-star treatment in every aspect of your stay. From the first, all-smiles welcome, to the last heartfelt goodbye, our focus is always on making you feel as great as possible. And this includes those nights that too much partying gets the better of you. 

Mykonos is a bacchanalian paradise – let’s not forget that its original patron saint in antiquity was Dionysus, the god of wine, joy and mischief; and to the present day, this hedonistic, carefree spirit permeates almost every activity on the island – including its legendary nightlife. Dancing your worries away until the morning – especially when iconic views, inspirational cocktails and a world-class DJ lineup are involved – is, of course, fantastically fun and enthralling. But it can take its toll on the system. This is where Semeli’s Aegeon Spa enters.

Enjoy a signature rejuvenating Mykonos massage at the Semeli Spa. Because you deserve it

A shrine of tranquillity and calm with state-of-the-art facilities and a characteristically soothing ambience, the Aegeon Spa is just the place to loosen up, relax, unwind and let go, and awaken all your senses. Staffed by a team of handpicked, seasoned professionals, it offers an array of cutting-edge therapies and treatments – including its signature stand-strong Mykonos massage: Designed to remove retained fluid and toxins, it’s exactly what you need to recover after a night’s worth of adventures in Mykonos’ hot spots like Semeli the Bar, Bao’s and Toy Room. We wouldn’t want you to miss out on anything after all on this island that never sleeps – and this is what’s making a world of difference. Everything we do at the Semeli is tailored to Mykonos’ distinct lifestyle – including the remedies administered at our Spa.

A Mykonos massage to match the island’s distinct lifestyle

We know only too well that excessive merrymaking will most probably get the better of you at some point or another; but also that there is a very strong possibility that you’ll arrive jet-lagged after a long and tiresome flight. Again, our Spa delivers, with its unique energy boost Mykonos massage that’s designed to relieve pent-up tension, ease muscular pain and work out the stiffness.

Likewise, we understand that in this world-class destination where the planet’s beautiful people meet and play, naturally, you too, want to look and feel your best. Hair, nails and make-up aside – with which we’ll be happy to help, as well – beauty, of course, starts from within. With this in mind, you’re welcome to choose from an array of transformational therapies and treatments: all are drawing on ancient practices, are sprinkled with a dust of modern science, and are based on top-quality natural ingredients, like aloe vera, extra virgin olive oil or fruit and plants extracts. They are moreover particularly enjoyable and guaranteed to yield results. Entrust yourselves in the hands of our expert therapists and get ready to enjoy head-turning attention later on in the club!

Yet, we are also very well aware that Mykonos can be a profoundly romantic destination – the ultimate choice for forward-thinking couples celebrating their love or the start of their common life together. Our signature Spa offerings, therefore, include specially curated experiences for two, designed to make you feel like gods on Earth.

Whatever your style, needs or mood; and whether you’re here for the parties, a fun-filled bachelorette or on a fairy-tale honeymoon, the Aegeon Spa at the Semeli is your go-to place to find tranquillity, bliss and head-to-toe pampering – the kind that lingers long in the memory. Just tell us what you are yearning for and we’ll make sure to create a bespoke package that’s just for you – and yours.

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