Krama Restaurant Mykonos

An invitation to a palatable journey to the flavors of Mykonos, the Aegean and the whole of Greece, by Michelin awarded Ioannis Parikos and the Semeli.

Step into KRAMA Restaurant in Mykonos and embark on a palatable journey through the flavors of Greece, the Aegean and beyond, all crafted by the award-winning chef Ioannis Parikos. KRAMA Restaurant Mykonos offers a unique, contemporary Greek cuisine that emphasizes traditional recipes and locally sourced ingredients from Mykonos and the Cyclades. Chef Parikos and his team aim to present guests with a one-of-a-kind culinary experience, inviting them on a journey through Greece’s flavors and tastes.

Krama Mykonos

Κrama: a Greek word which signifies the harmonious marriage of parts that create a concordant ensemble.

The menu features classic Greek dishes reimagined through new techniques and aesthetics, with a focus on slow-cooked lamb, seasonal ingredients, and unique plates that will make you fall in love with Greek cuisine all over again. Gastronomy in Greece is rapidly evolving, with the aid of a growing tourist influx and an increasing number of high-end restaurants moving to the country, and Mykonos is at the forefront of this movement. The island’s popularity, combined with its glamorous jet setters, has made it a destination for the world’s most talented chefs, and KRAMA is no exception. Join Chef Parikos and his team at KRAMA Restaurant in Mykonos Town and discover the rich flavors and traditions of Greece through a truly memorable culinary experience. Book your table now and taste the magic for yourself.

Modern and elegant decor and furniture at the Krama Restaurant in Mykonos Town.

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