Sustainable Hospitality in Mykonos – The Semeli Way


Who says that what’s eco-friendly can not be opulent or chic? An innovator with a longstanding presence on the island of the winds, the Semeli Group champions a new hospitality concept – in line with the spirit of the times, offering sustainable living without sacrificing the luxury part. 

In the not-so-distant past, people would think: “If it’s sustainable, it can’t be luxurious” or “If it’s a luxury, it can’t be good for the planet”. The accelerating climate change has led to a drastic shift in perceptions, taking the idea of green holidays from niche to necessity– and the luxury hospitality industry had to adapt (or otherwise perish!).

The clean art of travelling green: Sustainable hospitality in Mykonos

Yet, for all of us at the Semeli, sustainability is not just the catchphrase of the day. Ever since its inauguration in 1995, the Semeli Town Hotel has been intuitively embracing its doctrines – because it comes naturally, when you love a place, its nature and its people.

It is simple, really. One travels to experience the world’s beauty – and that means that all tourism-related businesses should be responsible for safeguarding the wonders of their destinations. If not, they won’t have a product to sell.

Surrounded by luscious gardens with exotic flowers and plants, the Semeli is not just the best 5-star luxury hotel in Mykonos Town – but also one of the most environmentally friendly boutique establishments on this island.

From the central neoclassical mansion to the latest constructions and additions, the buildings are made from local natural materials to integrate into their contours – and to reduce their carbon footprint. Because it makes sense in all sorts of manners, including practicality and aesthetics.

With punchy zero waste and zero single-use plastic targets, the hotel uses smart automations and systems to save water and energy. It is also powered by renewable energy sources, like solar energy for electricity and hot water, whilst advocating recycling to guests and staff, offering sustainable hospitality in Mykonos – accessorised with a wow factor.

Sustainable hospitality in Mykonos: Supporting the local communities and championing local products

Edible delights are at the core of the Semeli experience, with two acclaimed onsite restaurantsThioni and Krama – offering haute Mediterranean gastronomy with a farm-to-table approach. Our chefs maintain longstanding ties with local fishermen and producers – many of whom have been supplying us with the gifts of the land and the freshest catch of the day since the onset. We also work with strictly vetted environmentally savvy suppliers to offer sustainable hospitality in Mykonos, along with the indulgence and comforts of a true luxury 5-star hotel.

Giving back to the local community is an integral part of our green strategy and ethos, too – and to this end, we support local pro-environmental initiatives, whilst a significant percentage of our employees come from Mykonos and the Cyclades.

Sustainable hospitality in Mykonos’ Wild Side

Our desire to showcase Mykonos’ inimitable beauty to the world has led us to a new undertaking: Just steps away from the pristine waters of Merchia Bay, the Semeli Coast is the latest destination resort on the island. With sustainability at its core, the hotel offers cutting-edge indulgence and unparalleled comfort amidst the striking, wild landscape.

Newly built in line with the latest environmentally friendly standards, the Semeli Coast is your go-to for experiencing the authentic side of Mykonos – complete with a dose of serenity you might not have expected from the Aegean’s party capital.

With more and more people from around the globe seeking unique holiday destinations that combine premium aesthetics, ample comfort, heartfelt hospitality, ecological consciousness and immersive contact with new cultures, the green way is gaining momentum

This is the Semeli way. Our doors are open: Enter the new spirit of Mykonos and discover a novel hospitality concept where sustainability goes hand in hand with living in the lap of luxury.

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