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With Instagram-worthy looks, Mykonos reigns supreme as Greece’s quintessential summer getaway. As postcard-pretty as they get, this pearly white island however, has more than its photogenic beaches and landscapes to show for. A world-class destination with a thriving drinking and dining scene, Mykonos boasts some of the planet’s finest restaurants, bars and clubs – the kind where trends that shape global tastes are born. It’s also a shopping Mecca for modern-day fashionistas and art collectors, with a wealth of high-end boutiques and avant-garde galleries lining its Capital’s maze-like alleyways. And there is even more than meets the eye here. Mykonos is brimming with age-old secrets, charming tales and hidden gems that beckon the off-the-beaten-path explorers. Get inspired by the Semeli Magazine and live your dream in Mykonos!

Semeli magazine – island stories and secrets you won’t find elsewhere

A Mykonos hotel that aims to make a difference in every way that counts, the Semeli has been publishing its own Semeli Magazine since 2017.

Dedicated to the good life — the Mykonos way — this comprehensive guide serves as a roadmap for the hotel’s guests, with a view to helping them navigate through the choice on the island that never sleeps. Packed with insider intel and hands-on insights, the Semeli Magazine features the creme de la creme of Mykonos — from food and drink, high gastronomy and where to find the best beats and parties to pioneering fashion, haute jewellery and trailblazing art.

The Semeli Magazine also showcases the rich history and culture of the island, with tributes to Mykonos’ great heroines and heroes of the past, its fascinating mythological legacy — but also its thriving contemporary cultural scene. After all, it’s the bohemians and the artists of the 1930s who “rediscovered” this poor and barren island on their way to view the spectacular ancient ruins of Delos.

Throughout these years, the magazine has included pieces on the ancient Cycladic civilisation and its current-day manifestation in art; articles about the latest trends and cutting-edge practices in wholistic health, beauty and well-being and guides about the top spots for dancing and drinking but also people and sunset-watching. Palatable pleasures are high on the agenda too, with special features on Greek fine dining – a novel concept championed by Semeli’s Micheline-awarded, executive chef Ioannis Parikos.

The magazine, moreover, has been uncovering little-known Mykonos secrets – from its crocodiles to its vampires and from its Barite mines to its underwater caves, shipwrecks and surrounding islets. Local insights are aplenty too, with reports about the annual panygiria – traditional feasts that are firmly rooted in ancient customs – and suggestions on things to do in the off-season.

Mykonos, of course, is a magnet for everyone who’s anyone, so stories about its noteworthy patrons – from star athletes to celebrity influencers and even a bird that’s the island’s greatest star – are included in the magazine.

With a vast and varied topic range, the Semeli Magazine aims to inform, educate and entertain in equal measure. Make sure to check it out on the Semeli Hotel site to find everything you need to know about your next visit to Mykonos!

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