What to pack for Mykonos: 5 things you should not go without


Summer is finally coming and you can’t wait for your upcoming white island adventure. Of course, you wanna look cool and up to date and sizzling hot at the same time. Wondering how to go about it? Here’s what to pack for Mykonos, to make sure all eyes are on you – for the right reasons.

So you’ve booked your dream holiday at the best luxury hotel in Mykonos. Of course, you won’t want to spoil the fun looking like an amateur – or even worse, a tourist. What to pack for Mykonos, then, to unleash your style-forward, inner goddess and look like a million dollars?

The Anna Wintour’s of this world have decreed. The SS22 season mandates ultra mini minis, super sheer fabrics, outerwear as underwear, ‘90s neons, ’00s low-slung waists and, yes more cutouts – whether it’s an open shoulder, a revealing back, a slashed fabric across a neckline or at the waist.

But when considering what to pack for Mykonos, you should also factor in this island’s particularities: For starters, Mykonos is a place of extremes. The sun is scorching but the strong Meltemi wind is thankfully cool, though it might get chilly at night. The whitewashed cobblestone streets are as if tailor-made for instagram, but don’t allow for walking in heels – stiletto, or otherwise. Some beaches are quiet and quite empty – others are bursting with life and champagne-fuelled mirth. Then again you never know when the next party is going to crop up – and you’ll certainly want to look the part at any time of day or night. With this in mind, we‘ve made a checklist with the top 5 fashion-savvy tips for what to pack for Mykonos.

What to pack for Mykonos: Make sure you put these 5 items in your luggage

1. Beachwear: Most of your day will be spent by the pool or at the beach, so you’ll need outfits that can take you from water to Bellini, in one sleek, effortless move. If you’re staying here for a week, make sure to bring at least three different total beach looks (which can be mixed and matched), and feel free to go as glam as you please – when it comes to extravagance, this is where it’s at. Swimwear trends, of course, are merely indicative. At the end of the day, what really counts is feeling great in your own skin. The good news is that this season’s must-haves include versatile pieces that are striking yet offer the desired coverage and support. The monokini and tankini are both making triumphant comebacks, and come in a variety of cut-out styles and cropped lengths. They are also superb hybrids – throw in a sarong or some low waist shorts and you’ll be fully dressed for the restaurant or hotel lobby in a minute. If you are attending a pool party, micro-glitter swimwear is the sine qua non, and if you’re looking to catch the waves a halter bikini top will keep everything in place.

2. Flats. Ladies, we understand that you are dying to show off your brand new high heeled sandals, alas this is not the place. Streets in Mykonos are uneven, so trotting around in stilettos might get you a sprained ankle – or at least make you look clueless, if not downright ridiculous. Low, chunky heels are just about manageable, still flat sandals are your best bet — and you’ll be able to find an always in vogue, Grecian style, hand-made leather pair you’ll just love in Mykonos’ fantastic boutiques and stores.

3. Jacket, maxi dress and pants: Meltemi is the strong summer wind that blows in the Cyclades from the north – and mercifully so, for if it wasn’t for it you’ll be probably boiling here in the hot months of July and August. Meltemi however wreaks havoc on your hair – that’s why a hat is essential in what to pack for Mykonos – but also accounts for those chillier nights when bearing it all off is not an option. Make sure to bring along a boho cardigan, an embroidered kimono, an ethereal long-sleeved dress and a silk, merino or cool-wool shawl. A tight-fitting light leather jacket also works well with various styles and outfits: with your essential little white dress or with low waist pants and cropped tops – think full 00’s drama. So consider bringing along one as well.

4. Large Beach bag: One big enough to fit your beach towel, sarong and at least two bi -or tri -kinis, sunglasses, sunscreen, hat and cosmetics case. You never know when the party mood will strike – and you’ll want to always be primed and ready for the action. So if you find yourself feeling kind of messy and dishevelled after hours of working on your tan, some baby wipes, moisturizer, hair products and makeup will surely come in handy. The same goes if you want to head straight from the beach to sundowners at Little Venice.

5. A Hat: Like the sunscreen, this is a no brainer, but well worth reminding you of when you are planning what to pack for Mykonos – after all you won’t want to nurse a sunburn on top of that hangover! Plus a striking wide breamed hat is the perfect accessory to complement your white island look in your IG posts.

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