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Ever since it was discovered from the bohemian bourgeois and the aesthetes of the 60’s, Mykonos became synonymous with the good life: Hedonism, glamour and pleasure in all shapes, sizes and forms. Nowadays it’s is the Mediterranean’s quintessential trendsetter in fashion, music and design- and that’s not to mention clubbing. In fact Mykonos nightlife is amongst the most deliciously outrageous; open minded and forward thinking in the planet. And it is this distinct, vibrant Mykonian vibe-joie de vivre, if you will-that to all of us at the Semeli group, serves as the greatest source of inspiration: Actually the driving force that propels us to constantly engage in fresh and exciting projects. Our latest undertaking is none other than “The Secret of Bao’s”; a just launched, super elite, micro club, which is destined to become a favorite of the jet setters; and a legend of Mykonos nightlife.

The Secret of Bao’s: Mykonos nightlife hottest new entry

Located at the most idyllic -and photographed- spot of Little Venice; where the heart of Mykonos nightlife beats; above mythical Bao’s; one of the premier sunset cocktail bars in town; the Secret of Bao’s is small and intimate; as well as uber exclusive. Boasting an eccentric, one of a kind design and a glamorous chic, 60’s influenced aesthetic; our novel creation exalts a characteristically indulgent, sensual aura that reminisces the golden years of Studio 54 in New York. Not unlike the latter, the Secret of Bao’s is frequented by pioneering artists, dazzling beauties, swanky socialites, A- list celebrities, epicureans and bon vivants. The reason is quite simple: a tantalizing amalgam of happygo-lucky vibes; superb location and view; fabulous setting; delightful concoctions; tons of originality; groovy tunes-a blend of disco, house and funky beats; and that’s not to mention a glorious crowd that every night sets the place on fire. Of course the in house live show by The Starlets helps matters immensely; as the ravishing Divas’ duette puts everyone in the right sort of exuberant mood. The Secret of Bao’s, put simply, is one of these establishments that, ever since their opening a couple of days ago, are writing history in Mykonos nightlife.

The Secret of Bao’s sets Mykonos nightlife on fire

Indeed we are very proud about our newest creation; and we cordially invite- all of you party animals out there-to come and join the fun. At the Secret of Bao’s, as well as the rest of the Semeli Group’s elite venues: The emblematic Semeli the Bar, one of the most well-known-and beloved- establishments among Mykonos patrons; the aforementioned Bao’s, home to the world’s glitzy, champagne sipping, paparazzi snapped, crowd; uber fashionable Toy Room, the playground of models and celebrities; and of course Mykonos Bar, the celebrated landmark of Mykonos nightlife; the place that in effect started it all.

Of course at the end of your thrilling nights at Mykonos town; just a few minutes walk from all the action, your room or suite at the Semeli, shall be waiting to restore and revive you. And to prepare you for yet another fun packed, night time escapade at the Semeli Group hotspots. Make sure you don’t miss out!

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