The Cooking Lesson

Traditional oven in Mykonos. Guests can have cooking lessons in Semeli Best Hotel in Mykonos.

Some of our guests asked whether they could learn to make some of the delicacies served at breakfast and especially a cheese pie. So we rose to the challenge.

The ideal spot to have such a lesson was the little secluded courtyard off the breakfast area, the antique wood burning oven was cleared and made ready to receive the homemade cheese pie.

Katerina was chosen to lead the task of the cooking lesson. All the ingredients were prepared including feta cheese, local Mykonian cheese, flour , organic olive oil and of course a glass of chilled white Semeli wine was waiting our bakers!

Laura, Ashley, Sophie, Tonia (you know the one that cooks Greek/Cypriot food), Antigone and Charlotte were ready to take up the baking challenge set out by our Katerina.

Enjoy the rest on film!

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