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Churches | Mykonos

Iconic, spiritual sanctuaries, churches in Mykonos are a sight for sore eyes

November 23, 2018
A chapel on a hill overlooking the sea in Mykonos, where Semeli Best Hotel is located.

It might be the quintessential cosmopolitan, bacchanalian party paradise for the elite and the glitterati; but -perhap at first glance, paradoxically- Mykonos is very much true to its age old customs and traditions. This is the result of the predominant in Greece, Christian Orthodox religion; which has throughout the centuries determinedly shaped also this island’s culture, ethos and identity. One of it’s most powerful manifestations is the plethora of churches and chapels gracing the dramatic Mykonian landscape. Some say that churches in Mykonos are as many as the number of the days in a year; yet fact is that they are more than 700 -actually one per local family.

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