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Bachelorette in Mykonos

March 6, 2020

Fun, fun, and more fun –this is what holidays in Mykonos are all about: Champagne on the beach, cocktails on balconies, mingling and flirting with gorgeous boys and girls until the sun comes up. Celebrity spotting is on the agenda too. Look who’s dancing around you: your favorite Hollywood stars, supermodels, voguish fashion designers, pop idols! Whether at one of the island’s blue and gold shores or at its fairy tale Chora, the party’s swinging all day long. And it is packed with beautiful people. Feel Mykonos’ pulse, get forever hooked. Bathe in its prismatic, shimmering light, be transformed for life.

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Hotel News | Mykonos | Mykonos News

A fairy tale destination wedding in Mykonos

January 20, 2020

Though there’s been a fair amount of debate as per whether it signifies the commencement of a new decade or not, 2020 has arrived and as each new year, it should mark new beginnings. If committing to your beau, or belle is amongst your New Year’s resolutions, why not do it with maximum flair and panache? And when it comes to style no one does it better than the Mediterranean’s hottest holiday spot.

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Holidays | Mykonos

Christmas Holiday festivities in Mykonos

December 18, 2018

Mykonians are a gregarious, kind hearted lot. Though they’ve been steadfastly receiving guests from all over the planet for more than six decades now, they are quite unaffected by globalization, whilst remaining very much true to their folks and traditions. Come Christmas and it’s time for the holiday festivities in Mykonos; so locals will be sharing their age old customs and homemade culinary delicacies with families, neighbors, friends and visitors.

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