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Semeli luxury boutique hotel Mykonos welcomes the 2018 season with a new, fresh look

February 26, 2018
Sun loungers by the crystal clear swimming pool of Semeli Best Hotel in Mykonos.

Days are getting longer; almond trees are starting to bloom…Despite the bitter cold, the tell tale signs are there-and they are infallible. Spring is on its way; and this means that a new, glorious season is about to open in our beloved island of the winds. A key, historic, and most importantly, timeless player in this contemporary Mecca of the good life, Semeli luxury boutique hotel Mykonos never rests in its laurels. In fact this is the secret of its success. For it is our unfaltering determination to constantly outdo ourselves; to always keep up with the zeitgeist-and why not even be ahead of the spirit of the times, for that matter- and to carefully listen to our guests’ demands, imperatives and wishes, that makes Semeli luxury boutique hotel Mykonos truly stand out. And that’s not a small feat in an island abound with posh, opulent and rather striking accommodation options!

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5 star Mykonos Yoga Retreat at Semeli Luxury Hotel by Gail Smith

January 16, 2018
Pebbles on a rock at one of the beaches of Mykonos, where Semeli Best Hotel is located.


On my first visit to Mykonos last year I found it an island full of contrasts. The 5 star Mykonos glitz and glam shops, buzzing vibrant bars and nightlife then the traditional picture postcard whitewashed houses, iconic windmills, narrow pedestrian streets bedecked with bougainvillea and stunning scenery. Add a sky that glows with a fiery intensity as the sun sinks from heaven to meet a sea which during the day sparkles like it’s made of thousands of stars. Mykonos is something else!

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Hotel News | Hotel Offers | Mykonos

Feel the winter magic by capitalizing on Semeli Mykonos hotel special offers

December 19, 2017
Built-in sofa, stylish armchair, and a round table at one of the suites in Semeli Hotel in Mykonos.

Mykonos is world famous as a round-the-clock-party, glorious summer destination. But this doesn’t mean that life here, stops during the winter. Granted you’ll not find the intense, frenzied action of the busy season, but you’ll be bountifully rewarded by a serene, calm, much more esoteric (and in many respects more interesting) vibe; and that’s not to mention a striking winter scenery: Picture long, empty stretches of sand against the windy, blue seas; by now, verdant, rolling hills and a spectacular play of hide and seek between clouds and the cerulean sky.

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