Spiritual Sanctuaries In Mykonos

December 13, 2016
A historic church in Mykonos at sunset. Beautiful view of the sea and the sky.

Mykonos is not only popular for its vivid nightlife but it is an ideal opportunity a different aspect, less known angle of the island and these are the churches in Mykonos. Their total number is over 600 throughout the island.

Do not hesitate to explore the magnificent churches of Mykonos which constitute a unique amalgam of Cycladian acrhitectural masterpieces and spiritual sanctuaries for the believers irrespective of their religious orientation.


Without any further ado, some of the most important churches in Mykonos:


  • Chora: Paraportiani Church. This construction is actually a complex of 5 churches. The first 4 were built between the 14th and the 17th century, forming a base on top of which the 5th one, Panagia Paraportiani (dedicated to Virgin Mary) was then built. The name Paraportiani means “the side door” …
  • The Monastery of Panagias Tourlianis – It was built in the 15th century.
  • The monastery of Paleokastro (meaning Old Castle in Greek).
  • St Nicholas of Kadena: St Nicholas of Kadena which was restored for the first time by the Russian ambassador of Mykonos Count Ioanni Voinovitch.
  • The Catholic Church, known as Rosario (Our Lady of the Holy Rosary) was built in 1668.


Dusk at one of the most beautiful historical chapels of the Mykonos island.

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