The Experience of Shopping in Mykonos


The Experience of Shopping in Mykonos

Uber famous for its glamorous party scene -complete with crates of the finest bubbly- Mykonos is the (not at all humble) abode of the voguish glitterati. It even sports its very own, distinct look: Think Greek goddess meets boho-island chic. And you don’t even have to forego a day on the beach -or miss out a moment from the party- to go shopping in Mykonos: Open until the wee hours, the glorious shops in whitewashed Chora turn its labyrinth streets into an all-day – all-night playground for the world’s fashionistas. Once purposely built in a chaotic manner to deter and confuse pirates in the post-Byzantine era, nowadays the main town’s maze-like alleys concentrate the lion’s share of shopping in Mykonos. Getting lost in them no longer presents a danger; but is an essential part of the fun.

The delightful adventure of shopping in Mykonos

Discover all sorts of treasures, for all kinds of budgets, in posh clothing boutiques, designer stores or quaint little shops: Run by black clad, older ladies, the latter sell chunky wool sweaters and Greek sandals that you’d normally buy for considerably many more euros, dirhams or dollars back home! Find cute, quirky or old school, ironically tacky even, souvenirs at shops next to places offering door knobs and faucets. Buy exclusive art in galleries featuring the work of famous Greek artists and promising foreign talents. Head to Mykonos’ ultra high end jewelry stores for unique masterpieces costing the equivalent of a small country’s annual budget. In case you don’t belong amongst the one percent of the mega rich in this planet, handmade silver and gold creations from local craftsmen will also, very nicely, do the trick.

Even if you don’t actually buy a thing, (window) shopping in Mykonos Town shall prove an exciting adventure brimming with inspiration and surprises. From chancing upon iconic sights to engaging in some celebrity spotting, wondering in Mykonos Chora, along the big spender’s mile, is a not to be missed, all time favorite pastime.

Clubbing and shopping in Mykonos Town

After all, this is the home of the island’s swankiest, hippest and most happening bars and clubs. Like the emblematic Semeli the Bar in Little Venice, one of the most well-known -and beloved- all day establishments among the island’s aficionados. Or Bao’s, a bit further down, on the seafront too, which is the preferred meeting point the world’s glitzy, champagne sipping, paparazzi snapped, crowd. Uber fashionable Toy Room also, the playground of models and celebrities; and of course Mykonos Bar, the illustrious landmark of Mykonian nightlife where internationally acclaimed fashion designers get ecstatic with Greek music; the place that in effect started it all.

Actually you haven’t really been to Mykonos unless you’ve stopped for a drink, preferably a champagne based concoction, and some spirited dancing in one -but preferably all- of these classy, happy go lucky venues. Plus, if you ask nicely, they may even store your bags after your fruitful shopping expedition in Mykonos town. Then again returning with your spoils back at your luxurious room or suite at the Semeli, won’t take you more than a few minutes by foot. Heading back to the action, at the Semeli Group hotspots shall be equally easy too! After all, partying alongside the beau monde and shopping in Mykonos, are most likely two of the main reasons for which you came here for in the first place!

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