A Dionysian September in Mykonos


Glamorous merrymakers have been flocking here since the ’50s for a taste of the high life in the sunshine. But history demonstrates that the island of the winds has loved a good party since antiquity. It is only logical: Intensely worshipped by the locals, Dionysus, the god of joy and wine has imbued Mykonos with his distinctly exuberant, high spirits since time immemorial. This zestful cultural legacy finds its most exemplary manifestation in early autumn. Dedicated to the island’s ancient, mirthful patron Saint, September in Mykonos elevates fun into unprecedented heights. Opt to stay at the Semeli Mykonos luxury hotel to get the most out of your visit.

September in Mykonos: A time of elation and joy

“End of summer/ back to school” frame of mind or time to be merry and bright? The mood of the month on the island of the winds is certainly more the latter and (much) less the former. September in Mykonos -as it is everywhere in the country- traditionally brings the annual harvest and along with it exhilaration and joy.

Grape harvest and winemaking in Greece dates as far back as the age of the agricultural revolution, some 7.000 years ago. These time-honored practices have been inextricably linked to the cult of Dionysus: Wine not only has always been a staple of the Ancient Greeks’ diet but also of their religion, believing as they did that the juice of the grape is the blood of Dionysus and by drinking wine, they were actually partaking in his blood.

Dionysus is key to Mykonos’ mythology and culture. Legend has it that the island was named after a Mykons, a local ruler and hero who was the son of the king of Delos, Anios. The latter in turn was the son of Apollo and nymph Rhoeo– a descendant of none other than Dionysus himself!

A much-loved patron saint, the God of wine, was venerated by the Mykonians in antiquity; while viniculture flourished. Some things have remained the same ever since.

Old farmhouses invariably sport wine presses. These structures stand as living testaments of the age-old winemaking tradition in Mykonos. Nowadays there are a handful of local producers who have lovingly sown the traditional Aegean-sea varieties Assyrtiko, Athiri, Monemvasia, Malagouzia, Agiannitis and Mandilaria along with international grape varieties. Production is still limited but the annual Harvest Festival which takes place at the Agricultural Museum, within the Boni Windmill, is a prime opportunity to sample some rare gems from the Mykonian vineyard along with local food, music, and traditional games.

As per the cult of Dionysus, it is still very vividly manifested in the trademark electrifying Mykonian days and nights, the endless fun and colorful, joyful crowds.

Though the busy season is drawing to a close, September in Mykonos elevates partying into a wholly different level, as the ancient tradition of grape crushing is revived in various wineries and festivals throughout the island. Most welcome visitors, open-minded and daring enough to partake in this primordial, truly Dionysian experience. Which apart from some rather hard manual labor (you’ll be asked to participate in the grape crushing process!), it also involves bountiful amounts of drinking, eating, merry-making, and dancing.

Indeed the essence of Dionysus is very much alive and kicking in contemporary Mykonos; should you decide to spend September in Mykonos you’ll get a first-rate opportunity to find out for yourselves.

A fun and wine-filled September visit at the Semeli best 5-star luxury hotel in Mykonos Town

For some extra inspiration at this magical time of year, base yourselves at the befittingly named after the homonymous nymph – no less than Zeus’s paramour and mother of DionysusSemeli. Tucked in a quiet yet central corner of Town, this premier 5-star Mykonos Chora Hotel offers sophisticated, genuinely pleasurable stays at its impeccably designed premises; and loads of pampering with its indulgent services.

Embark on a sensory, food & wine adventure at the acclaimed Thioni and Krama: Featuring a stunning setting by the hotel’s star-studded pool, the Semeli’s two restaurants are top foodies destinations with inspirational Greek-Mediterranean delicacies and a remarkable selection of wines from the local and international vineyards. Expect to do some copious feasting (should you partake in the harvest festivities, you’ll be undoubtedly wanting more!) and then relax and unwind at the luxurious Aegeo Spa. Choose the most appropriate detox therapy -it shall come handy after the wine!– and then, restored and revived entrust our expert Mykonos concierge to arrange everything for you: From hard to get reservations at the hottest bars and clubs in Little Venice, to a private yacht or helicopter tour, nothing is too much or too difficult.

Following a fun-packed, adventure-filled day and night, return to your room or suite at the Semeli Mykonos town boutique hotel, for a most restorative sleep. There is so much to see and do during September in Mykonos, so you should keep up your strength to enjoy to the fullest!

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