Enjoy spring at the Semeli luxury boutique hotel Mykonos


Tired of the grey skies and the cold bleak weather? Thank god, spring is now in the air. Why not get rid of these winter blues with a mini spring break at the Semeli luxury boutique hotel Mykonos? After all you’ve got a wealth of good reasons for visiting the island of the winds in the springtime.

Read on for why you should opt for a sneak holiday preview at the Semeli luxury boutique hotel Mykonos, at this time of the year.

Verdant island

Mykonos is a mostly dry and barren, characteristically rocky island. Right? While this is indeed its archetypal image; as much as the iconic windmills are; in springtime it becomes transformed: Following the winter’s rains (which were bountiful this year!), nature blossoms, covering the terrain in a blanket of green dotted by red, yellow and purple wildflowers. We bet you haven’t seen this side of Mykonos! Why not be one of the lucky few, by spending a couple of days at the Semeli luxury boutique hotel Mykonos, this spring?

Balmy weather

Some like it hot. But others don’t. If you belong to the latter category, March and April’s mild temperatures -around 15°C during the day, and steadily progressing to the mid 20s– are perfect for enjoying long walks on the beach or getting lost amidst the cobblestone streets of whitewashed Chora, where the Semeli luxury boutique hotel Mykonos is located. And the best thing is that you shall be able to do so without having to fight off the normal hordes of tourists! What’s more, should you belong to the sporty, daring types, swimming is a valid option. Otherwise you may simply work on your tan without getting scorched from the sun.

Real People

Pressing further on the matter of the absence of the hoi polloi, if you opt to visit Mykonos in spring, you’ll get the chance to meet and associate with the locals. Who at this time of the year are significantly less stressed, much more welcoming, jovial and cordial. Let us not forget that apart from the pristine, striking in its simplicity, landscape, Mykonians and their distinctly gregarious culture and customs are what first lured the jet setters and the bonvivants back in the 50’s. Why then not follow in their footsteps, book yourself a room or suite at the Semeli luxury boutique hotel Mykonos and start experiencing what the island of the winds is really about?

Nice Price

Spring in Mykonos also means better rates and prices. Capitalize on the Semeli luxury boutique hotel Mykonos seasonal Easter offer and get a 20% discount on the hotel’s official rates; as well as a host of other perks such as complimentary pick up and transfer, free welcome drink and 15% discount on the Semeli’s signature Saturday night resurrection dinner.

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