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Designer clad boys and girls dancing their worries away, with a cocktail at hand, against the tangerine sunset or the stars… Mykonos is synonymous with the good life. In fact, what would it be without its (legendary) parties? Alas, this year in light of the pandemic, the infamous Mykonos nightlife has undergone a mandatory transformation. Gone are the days when the beautiful people, the A-listers, and the jet setters would cheerfully -and most importantly carefreely- mingle in hordes, on the beach, or the bar. 2020 demands social distancing-ie. more privacy and seclusion. Enter private parties in Mykonos

Private parties in Mykonos are of course not a novelty. In this uber-luxurious Greek haven, celebrating a special anniversary, your birthday or just life, with 10 or 200 of your nearest and dearest against the trademark whitewashed Cycladic scenery, with tunes curated by world-famous DJs and drinks expertly blended by top mixologists, is quite customary. And while these events were, as their name suggests, private, this summer saw the rise of a new phenomenon: Private parties in Mykonos villas, which are not privy to the chosen few, but publicly open to anyone who can afford the hefty entrance fee. But this defies the purpose, which is to cohort with the selected guests one chose to invite at their private party. After all, private parties in Mykonos are meant to be exclusive, otherwise what is the point?

The hottest and most exclusive venues for private parties in Mykonos: Toy Room, Semeli the Bar, Bao’s and Sanctus

If you are planning to host your own private event in Mykonos, look no further than the hottest Mykonos nightlife spots: Toy Room, Semeli the Bar, Baos, and Sanctus.

Located at postcard-perfect Little Venice, right by the waves with spectacular sunset vistas, Semeli the Bar is nothing short of a Mykonos institution– a mandatory stop among those in the know. Offering some of the best views on the island, a selection of mouthwatering delicacies and desserts, the finest champagne and spirits as well as its signature, creative concoctions, Semeli the bar is ideal for any kind of private event: From a small and intimate friend and family gathering at a private table overlooking the famous sunset, or a larger do, inside where vibes peak.

A few steps away, at Little Venice’s most photographed spot, Baos, is another fantastic choice for hosting your Mykonos private party. Drawing inspiration from its mythic namesake, the legendary pirate Bao, this cocktail bar boasts a daring and unconventional character; framed by mind-blowing sunset views, daring cocktails, and epic music from around the world. Synonymous with the good life, no wonder Baos is one of Mykonos’ most elite establishments. So hosting your affair, large or small, on the stomping ground of the planet’s glitterati, certainly guarantees its success.

You should also consider the Toy Room, a favourite of the champagne-sipping, paparazzi snapped set. Fashioned like an opulent, cosy living room with its one-off designer furniture and artworks, it is the place to be, to see and be seen. If you want to party like a pro, with dancing on the tables, magnums of champagne and all, then this is your venue.

You might also be looking to make an impression by choosing the road less travelled.

Most private parties in Mykonos usually start softly in the early afternoon and peak once the sun goes down and the music goes up. So how about making a difference by throwing your party late at night? In the heart of Little Venice, Sanctus is the first private deep house nightclub in Mykonos.

Staggering views aside, it features a world-class DJ line up, an electrically charged atmosphere and uplifting, ultra positive vibes. If you and your gang are the night owls type, then Sanctus is definitely your best bet!

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