Petros The Pelican: The Mascot Of Mykonos

Petros the Pelican, the famous mascot of Mykonos, where Semeli Best Hotel is located.

Never before has a bird been in the limelight for the last 60 years… and this bird, without any further ado is Petros the Pelican, one of the animate attractions of Mykonos! According to the legend, it was 1954 when a fisherman found a wounded pelican and nursed him back to health and ever since, the pelican remained on the island supported by locals.

Soon Petros, as named by the locals, became Mykonos’ mascot for the next 30 years, until 1985 where to great disappointment by locals and tourists alike, Petros was hit by a car. Soon he was replaced by a proud successor. In the meantime, Jackie Kennedy (as she had visited Mykonos and Greece more than once) donated a female pelican named “Irini” to the island, for Petros to have companionship.

Not long time ago there was an incident with another wounded pelican found in Mykonos by the locals who took care of him and nursed him back to health and they named him Nicolas and ever since, you can see three pelicans wandering around Mykonos’ harbour, posing for the tourists…

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Petros the Pelican, the famous mascot of Mykonos, walking on the beach by the boats.
Petros the famous Pelican of Mykonos standing by a fish boat at Mykonos Town.
Petros the famous Pelican of Mykonos opening his wings. View of the hills of Mykonos island.

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