Mykonos in September: A great time to visit


Whitewashed iconic beauty; gold and blue beaches; paparazzi- hunted, misbehaving celebrities; 24/7 partying; a tantalizing, all-permeating buzz and the delicious hyperbole of the good life. Mykonos is indeed heavenly in the summer. But then again so it is, no matter what the time of the year. Take Mykonos in September for instance. The standard tourist hordes are gone by now, yet the trademark electrifying vibes are still going (extra) strong. To the mix add the gorgeous weather, with plenty of sunshine but less hair wrecking Μeltemi gusts, and you will understand why it is one of the best months to visit the island of the winds. But there is even more to it. Read on for what it is like to be in Mykonos in September.

Why visit Mykonos in September:

The weather is just right

With typical temperatures ranging from 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit) to 28 C (82 F), and the water boasting an ideal average of 25 C (77 F), the swimsuit season is very much on in Mykonos in September. Relish this glorious Indian summer on the beach, at this time of year mercifully without the hoi polloi. Or if you are looking for a spot of excitement to boot, head to the Semeli 5 star Mykonos Town Hotel, to lounge by its large, freshwater pool along with the hip set.

The Harvest season is on

Traditionally the month of the harvest, September is a time of elation and joy throughout Greece. Yet in this distinctly Dionysian island, which has loved a good party since antiquity, merrymaking gets elevated into a wholly new level. Grape crushing is being held in various wineries throughout Mykonos in September and it is accompanied by copious feasting on local wine and foods along with traditional music and dancing. Friends and families but also adventuresome strangers are welcomed to partake in this most unique, primordial kind of experience. And should you choose to do so you’ll certainly remember it forever. What’s even better? At the end of your fun-filled (albeit physically tiring day- grape crushing does involve some hard manual labour!), the luxurious Aegeo Spa at the Semeli Luxury Mykonos Town hotel will be at your disposal to revive and restore you with a range of detox therapies. Surely they’ll come handy after all the wine!

The high life scene is still thriving, but prices are (much) nicer

Harvest festivities aside, the trademark Mykonos party scene is still going strong in September. Most shops, bars and clubs are open, yet you may roam the whitewashed alleyways of Chora, take in the sights or enjoy the famous sunset without having to beat the crowds to it. Let our expert Mykonos concierge make all the arrangements for you and just focus on having the time of your life: From these hard to get reservations at the hottest Mykonos nightlife venues in Little Venice, to a private yacht or helicopter tour, nothing is too much or too difficult for the Semeli team. Then, following your exhilarating days and nights in this buzzing island, your room or suite at the Semeli best hotel in Mykonos will be waiting for a most restorative sleep. In fact, there is so much to see and do so you’ll need to muster all of your strength. Plus there is the added bonus of surprisingly nice prices and last minute, special offers. In a nutshell, you may bask in the high life in Mykonos in September yet without breaking the bank. From premium services and accommodation to the best fine dining restaurants in Mykonos, like Thioni and Krama, and top of the line boutiques clearing out their merchandise for the season’s closing, with a bit of a search you’ll be able to uncover several deals that won’t leave you strapped for cash. What a life indeed!
September in Mykonos feels like an extended August. Only better since the hordes are gone and the overall vibe is much more exclusive and refined. So do yourselves a favour: Take advantage of the great seasonal offers at the Semeli Best Hotel in Mykonos Town and start living the dream!

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