Mykonos holiday in 2023


Pristine sandy beaches; iconic sights and attractions including a labyrinth Medieval town and rows of 16th-century windmills overlooking the sparkling blue Aegean Sea; buzzing nightlife and an ultra-sophisticated dining and drinking scene – and that’s just scratching the surface. With so much on offer, your first visit to this shining Cycladic gem is unlikely to be your last. If you haven’t been here yet, why not plan a Mykonos holiday in 2023, to discover what’s it all about for yourselves? 

2022 was the year the world got the hang of travel once again. Like all iconic destinations planet-wide, Mykonos, the fabled Cycladic island in the heart of the Aegean Sea, was packed to capacity with globetrotters who like their getaways with a dose of VIP extravaganza.

With its signature mix of sun-soaked hedonism, uber-instagramable landscapes and aeons of exciting history, Mykonos has always had its fair share of champagne-fuelled visitors – starting from Jackie Onassis in the Sixties and moving on to Elon Mask in the Twenty-Twenties. 

If you’re yet to discover the ultimate Greek chic – an island so characterful that’s become an international legend – how about embarking on a Mykonos holiday in 2023?

Mykonos holiday in 2023: Where to stay

Praised by master architects like Le Corbusier and Hollywood stars alike, the main town of Chora is a photogenic maze of whitewashed cube houses, domed churches and alleyways, where rioting fringes of fuschia bougainvillaea fall over cobalt-blue staircases. In between, you’ll find label-laden boutiques, sunset cocktail bars, swanky restaurants and glamorous nightclubs. To take it all in, it’s best to stay somewhere close to the action but safely removed from the bruhaha.

This is where the Semeli enters. Strategically located in a fairly central, albeit quiet corner of the famous capital, the best 5-star luxury hotel in Mykonos Town sits a few minutes away by foot from the iconic sights, including Little Venice and the quaint thatched windmills, yet still allows you to get your much needed good night’s rest. With so much to see and do at this glam-as-it-gets gem, keeping your stamina levels up is paramount. VIP concierge services and sensational foodie scene aside, the good thing is that this enchanting boutique establishment also comes with an award-winning spa, which certainly comes in handy if too much partying gets the better of you.

Mykonos holiday in 2023: What to pack

Mykonos is glitterati central, and you wouldn’t in any way want to look like a poor relative. The aim is to go for a mix of effortlessly cool/greek Goddess (or God) – but to pull it off there are some things you need to consider. For starters, Mykonos, like all Cycladic islands is often plagued by the strong Meltemi winds in July and August. That’s actually a good thing, cause it helps temperatures cool down – but it can wreak havoc on your hair. So make sure to bring a multi-purpose scarf and a jacket along. Also do not forget to pack flats. Tottering in high heels amid Mykonos’ narrow alleyways is not a good look for anyone. Thankfully Mykonos boasts a world-class shopping scene with designer boutiques and quirky shops – check out the Greek-inspired leather sandals. They are sleek and stylish just as they are practical and can help you channel your inner deity as per the desideratum.

Mykonos holiday in 2023: What to see and do

Rivalling Ibiza and St Tropez, Mykonos is world-renowned for its wild party scene – but there is actually much more than meets the eye here. If you are yearning for an action-packed experience, you’ll find thrilling water sports on Elia and Kalafatis beaches during the day. The former also has a nudist and gay-friendly section and a choice of lively beach bars, while the latter comes with plenty of restaurants and tavernas. If jet-setting is your style, with an array of elite beach restaurants, Kalo Livadi, Panormos and Psarrou are your best bet. On the other hand, swimming and sunbathing far from the crowds is also possible even in the busy summer months. Head to the serene and secluded beaches of Merchia, Fokos and Myrsini to relax, unwind and rekindle the flames in your relationship. With a definitive wow factor, Mykonos can be superbly romantic – that’s why so many honeymooners from around the globe choose it for their big day. Take in the sunset views from Armenistis Lighthouse, for example, and you’ll be forever convinced.

Should you decide to venture beyond the beaten path, in fact, you’ll discover an array of hidden gems that’ll leave you wanting more. Delos, the sacred island of antiquity, is nowadays becoming an increasingly popular destination – but it is not the only worth-visiting attraction neighbouring Mykonos’ shores. The tiny, rocky islet of the notorious pirate George Baos is quaint and charming and comes with a fascinating story which has inspired the legendary namesake Baos bar in town. Rent a private boat to visit Bao’s islet, Delos and Rhenia, for an experience that’ll linger long in the memory.

This is though but a small sample of the delights in store for your Mykonos holiday in 2023. Between glorious sunbathing, cocktail-sipping, people-watching or culture-hunting, there’s something for everyone here – unless they are bland, purist or plain old predictable. Stay tuned to the Semeli luxury Mykonos Hotel blog for more wanderlust inspiration.

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