Seize the day with Semeli’s signature Mykonos Breakfast


With the addition of an array of new and exciting flavours, the Semeli signature Mykonos breakfast just got even bigger and better – with something to tempt all! 

The Semeli Mykonos Town hotel has been serving its signature Mykonos breakfast for more than three decades now — and from the onset, this morning banquet has been one of the hotel’s principal claims to fame, with good reason.

Designed to kick-start your days with a bang, the Semeli signature Mykonos breakfast is thoughtfully served until noon — for all those late risers who need all the energy they can muster on the island that never sleeps. And that, for starters, makes a world of difference. 

In line with the old sage adage mandating that mornings should begin with food fit for Empresses and Emperors, breakfast here is a multisensory festival of aromas and flavours,  prepared with the freshest seasonal ingredients and the finest local products. 

Semeli signature Mykonos breakfast: Savoury & Sweet treats

Take your pick between Margie’s trademark cheese and greens pies – all made with hand-crafted phyllo pastry that is artfully opened every day; savour a melt-in-your-mouth, just-out-of-the-oven, chocolate or butter croissant; devour a homemade slice of pizza or a quiche Lorrain that tastes like heaven. Made-to-order egg dishes are next-level culinary genius at the Semeli; while there is an array of local cheeses and charcuterie on offer that’ll introduce you to the wealth of Cycladic and Greek products. Sweet options are just plentiful as the savoury choices, with the lemon cake that’s based on an old family recipe in the starring role and a comprehensive selection of deserts of the day, fresh fruits, thick creamy yoghurt, homemade jams, marmalades and local honey complementing the palate-pleasing experience. The freshly-brewed coffee is exceptionally good too – but if you are avoiding caffeine, there is an assortment of just-pressed juices and smoothies that’ll energise you for the day’s adventures. 

Semeli signature Mykonos breakfast: Vegan & gluten-free options

This sweeping variety is intended to cover all manners of tastes and dispositions – and this includes people with special preferences and dietary intolerances. In the spirit of the Semeli Mykonos Hotel philosophy of no discrimination, breakfast includes an extensive choice of gluten-free, sugar-free and dairy-free options – for all those who can’t stand any of the above or just don’t like them. Macrobiotic diet imperatives have been factored in too, while vegetarian and vegan picks are aplenty also – because, simply put, starting with food, we want everyone to have a good time at the Semeli. Given the rise in the number of those opting for a healthier, plant-based diet, this year we’ve added even more gluten-free and vegan choices. Thanks to our chefs’ talent and ingenuity these are in fact frequently selected by even the staunchest meat lovers, who decide to forego their staple of eggs and bacon for a herbivore recipe. And that’s surely not a small feat!

Savour your Mykonos breakfast picks amid the sun-dappled, convivial surroundings of Thioni restaurant and get ready for yet another unforgettable day on the Med’s most exciting island

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