Post- party revitalizing massage in Mykonos at the Semeli OIKO Spa


Mythology connects Mykonos and Mykonians to Dionysus: god of wine, joy and mischief. It is no wonder. Present since antiquity, this bacchanalian spirit has survived over the eons and is still going-very- strong: Contemporary Mykonos is all about celebrating life; and this is manifested in a multiplicity of ways: More than 70 traditional feasts throughout the year- which are in fact no less than zestful Dionysian affairs. And that’s not to mention the legendary Mykonian parties, with world class DJ’ s, glamour, sophistication and tons of fun; whether in private villas, iconic bars or historic clubs.

Indeed Mykonos is a modem shrine of hedonism; the Mediterranean’s ultimate and hottest party destination.

All this is certainly very exciting and enthralling; but one also needs to relax, reboot and get revitalized whilst on holidays.

Yet we all know very well what too much partying does to the system. A catch 22 then? Well it doesn’t have to be. You might not be able to resist partying on until the wee hours – and who blames you; after all Mykonos never sleeps!- but you may still obtain this much craved rejuvenation, regardless!

The Semeli OIKO Spa signature massage in Mykonos

To give you a hint, getting an uber relaxing and restorative massage in Mykonos, at the Semeli OIKO spa; would be a great way to start. In fact the Semeli’s is amongst the most renowned wellness institutions in the island-and for a very good reason at that: An oasis in its own right, blending harmony and bliss, the OIKO Spa offers a plethora of therapies, including its trademark, celebrated massage in Mykonos. Featuring state of the art equipment, expert staff, the latest in facial and body treatments and arguably the best massage in Mykonos, the Semeli luxury OIKO Spa is the ideal place to loosen up, revive your body and soul and awaken all your senses.

What makes a world of difference at the Semeli OIKO Spa, is that remedies here are designed with the island’s distinct lifestyle in mind: Simply put, we fully understand that too much partying will most probably get the better of you at some point or another; and that there is a very strong possibility that you’ll arrive jet lagged after a tiresome journey. Therefore our Spa, among others, offers a recovery signature package; which includes a special, ultra vivifying massage in Mykonos; guaranteed to reset your body clock, ease off stiff, sore muscles and pamper all your senses. Designed for recovery after a long flight, or as a complete chill-out remedy after some intense night life activity, it is the ultimate head-to-toe therapy. In other words, feel free to party your days and nights away and don’t fret about the consequences. The Semeli OIKO Spa and its renowned massage in Mykonos; undertakes to put you back in order!

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