A Luxury Mykonos hotel + 9 more reasons why to choose this island for your holidays

Panoramic view of the port of Mykonos and of Mykonos town as seen from Semeli Best Hotel.

A Luxury Mykonos Hotel accommodation and 9 more reasons you should visit Mykonos

The ultimate choice of jetsetters, A-listers, movie stars, mega tycoons and European royalty, Mykonos is the quintessential “It” destination of the Aegean.

It is this striking amalgam of picture-perfect scenery, azure blue waters and friendly locals with uber glamorous establishments, luxury Mykonos hotels, haute gastronomie, intensive nightlife and cutting edge services, that does the trick!

Read on for the top 10 reasons why Mykonos is the favorite of the cognoscenti:

1. Luxury Mykonos hotel

The bohemian cosmopolites who came to Mykonos is the 60’s in search of a truer, more authentic lifestyle, might have resided in the humble houses of the local villagers, yet ever since a lot of water has flown under the bridge. Nowadays the island of the winds owes much of its reputation to its ultra opulent accommodation options. Tucked in a quiet yet fairly central corner of Chora, merely a few minutes walk from all the action, Semeli is a prime example of a luxury Mykonos hotel. A favorite of the hip and trendy set, it is distinguished for its immaculate style and cool, laid back aura. Blending trademark cycladic minimalism with one off designer furniture and state of the art conveniences, Semeli is also renowned for its outstanding services. In fact it is thanks to the efforts of its cordial and highly efficient staff, that Semeli has become established as the most welcoming, affable luxury Mykonos hotel.

2. Best Nightlife

Mykonos is the playground of choice for the international party people-in recent years it has even superseded notorious Ibiza in this respect! Party here lasts from dusk (or earlier!) till dawn (or later!), while the heart of the action lies at the town’s most photogenic, idyllic spot, Little Venice. Semeli the Bar is a mandatory stop for Mykonos patrons: Open throughout the day, it offers an unbeatable sea view, as well as a selection of mouthwatering delicacies and desserts, the finest champagne and spirits as well as its signature, creative concoctions. Those in the know make sure to book their private table overlooking the famous sunset or, if they are feeling extra frisky, inside, where activity peaks, as night steadily progresses. A few steps away, there is Bao’s– also a compulsory stop at the night’s itinerary. Drawing inspiration from its mythic namesake, legendary pirate Bao, this Cocktail Bar boasts a rebellious and unconventional spirit, daring cocktails and epic music from around the world. Good times are guaranteed, and those out and about are very well aware that this is one of Mykonos’ most elite establishments, preferred by the champagne sipping, paparazzi snapped, crowd. Yet for the island’s night owls this isn’t nearly enough. Toy Room is what comes next. Fashioned like an opulent, cosy living room with its one off designer furniture and artworks, it is the place to be to socialize with models, singers and A- listers, dance on the floor-or on the tables- and relish the concoctions prepared by some of the top mixologists in town.

3. Best Sunsets

Mykonos, which has time and again inspired some of the world’s most prominent artists, is endowed with a remarkable, truly unique beauty. Boasting an unsurpassed view over cosmopolitan Chora and beyond, to Syros and Tinos islands, “Oniro” bar-restaurant, of Mykonos View– a prime luxury Mykonos hotel– is the ideal venue to enjoy the famous Mykonian sunset along with a cocktail– or two; for here, the immaculate aesthetic and distinctively artistic aura are combined with selected, feel good tunes, promising the best beginning of your evening.

4. Yacht life

Boasting some world class beaches with the clearest, azure blue waters-as well as the trademark, strong Meltemi winds- Mykonos is undoubtedly a yachtsman’s paradise. Indeed this elite island features several specialists in exclusive boat charters. From the sportive and wild at heart, to the sea loving family adventurers, or those looking to celebrate their special occasion in great style, there is something for every taste. A luxury yacht, a catamaran, a sailboat or a rib-the choice is yours. You only need to inform the expert concierge of Semeli luxury Mykonos hotel and he will make your dream yachting adventure come true.

5. Fascinating History

Cyclades form a circle at the epicenter of which lies Delos. A tiny, dry and barren island of 3,4 square km, paradoxically it owes its fame precisely to its insignificance. As the legend goes, Leto who was carrying the offsprings of her paramour Zeus, in her quest to escape from the wrath of his jealous wife Hera, sought refuge in inconspicuous Delos. This little, desolate island thus became the birthplace of her twins, Apollo and Artemis; and subsequently a major, cosmopolitan, religious and commercial center of antiquity, attracting pilgrims from all over Greece. In the 90’s Delos was recognised as a UNESCO heritage site. Today a stroll through its remarkably well preserved ancient arcades, markets, worship centers and temples, will take you on fascinating a journey through time.

6. Best Shopping

With some of the world’s most striking, glamorous, eccentric and classy women and men parading in its labyrinth, whitewashed streets, Mykonos is certainly a shrine to beauty and style. It is no wonder hence that Chora’s streets are lined up with designer stores, exclusive jewelers, leather goods, handmade accessories, local art and many more exciting shops. Get lost amongst the charming Mykonian passages and spoil yourselves rotten!

7. World-class art

An esthetes destination, not only for its lively scene and opulent offerings, Mykonos also boasts some world class art galleries: Make sure not to miss Rarity: Operating for two decades to date, it is the first art gallery on the island to showcase the work of internationally recognized artists-as well as exciting young talent– and is, therefore, something of a historical site as well as a cultural one.

8. Best Beach bars

Whether sipping cocktails whilst watching a beautiful sunset or having a full-on party experience involving dancing on the tables, the après-beach scene in Mykonos is certainly one of the most animated on the planet.

Among the trendiest beach spots on the island is Scorpios, nested between the bays of Kavos and Paraga. Offering round the clock hospitality and entertainment, it is the place to see and be seen, yet still, easy going enough to allow you to be yourselves.

Another classic and probably the first to introduce the concept of the sunset beach party, Nammos at Psarou beach has been attracting jet-setters and socialites to its sea front whitewashed restaurant and bar for years. Free flowing champagne, gorgeous, scantily clad boys and girls and the latest hits blasting from its state of the art speakers, are its traits.

On the other hand if you’re looking for something more relaxed and -somewhat- alternative, there is Alemàgou, at surfer’s paradise, Ftelia beach. Bohemian and laid back with a holistic-chic aura, it is the stamping ground of the boho hipsters clan.

Then there is Super Paradise on the homonymous beach, which has reared many generations of Mykonos’ fanatics. It is still going strong and its afternoon parties are as crowded as they are notorious all over the island.

9. Fantastic sightseeing opportunities

Perched on a hill south of the island’s capital, affording a magnificent view over Little Venice, the trademark whitewashed windmills are a photographer’s paradise. Originally built by the Venetians in the 16th century to grind wheat, they are undoubtedly one of Mykonos’ most celebrated attractions. Ideally positioned to harness the considerable power of the island’s strong winds, after the industrialization in the 19th century, their practical value began to decline. Nowadays only seven of them remain standing, yet their pristine aesthetic overcompensates for their current lack of functionality.

On the opposite side, on the hill of the old Venetian castle there is the church complex of Panagia Paraportiani. Recognized as an important national cultural monument, it constitutes a superb example of Cycladic architecture. Its construction began in the middle of the 15th century, and nowadays due to its picturesque allure it has become one of the most renowned sights of the island.
Little Venice bellow is one of the most idyllic spots of Chora and perhaps one of the most photographed locations all over Greece. This sea front, quaint little neighborhood is famous for its unique, old colorful houses built on the rocks, with their balconies literally hanging over the sea. Little Venice is also home to some of the island’s most distinguished establishments including Semeli the Bar, Bao’s Cocktail Bar and Toy Room. A sunset drink here is requisite and bound to be an experience you’ll remember in the years to come.

Equally memorable is the Maritime Museum of Mykonos. Housed in a 19th century, typical Cycladic mansion, the museum showcases the merchant-ship history of the Aegean Sea. Artifacts on display include antique naval instruments and model boats dating as far back as the pre-Minoan era; while its most striking exhibit is the 130 year- old, original mechanism of the historic lighthouse, “Faros Armenistis”, which adorns the garden of the museum.

10.Haute gastronomy

Pleasures of the palate are amongst the most sought after holiday delights. In this island which is renowned for its world class culinary establishments, Thioni restaurant at the Semeli luxury Mykonos hotel has won the hearts of even the most discerning gourmands. Picture a most elegant, uber cool setting, with a glimmering pool, some lovingly tended gardens, an elegant neoclassical mansion and a panoramic view of the Mediterranean’s party paradise in the background. This is the realm of celebrated Chef Nikos Palantzas, who having learned from respected culinarians himself, dazzles with his signature dishes such as pan fried Salmon with ikura caviar, ravioli with crab or summer flavored octopus with Santorini fava. Indeed Thioni restaurant  offers an unforgettable all senses experience, which embraces the welcoming spirit of Mykonos–distinct, original, and hard to leave. We bet all this got your appetite whetted! So start planning your holidays and come join the fun!

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