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Experience a modern-day idyll with our handpicked suggestions for the best sunset places in Mykonos

Mykonos is famous for many things: Its paradisiacal beaches. Its iconic Town. Its hedonistic lifestyle. Its dusk to dawn parties. Its misbehaving celebrities. Its dramatic sunsets. There is actually a whole ritual associated with the latter. And it has been taking place every afternoon ever since this pristinely beautiful, whitewashed island was discovered by the bon vivants of the ’60s.
Cocktails at dusk, this magical hour when the burning circle makes its spectacular dive into the deep blue Aegean waters, is a time-honoured Mykonian tradition. A favourite pastime even the most ardent beach bums can’t resist, even if this means that they have to leave their seaside fun to get ready.

After all, can you think of a better cap off to a great day on the island? Or of a more befitting
prelude to an evening’s worth of exciting adventures?

And while the entire island looks good in the trademark Cycladic shade of tangerine, there are some spots where sunset gazing becomes an experience. With vantage views and awe-inspiring perspectives, the best sunset places in Mykonos also offer the most sensational background for photos.

Best sunset places in Mykonos: Little Venice

The most photographed and most romantic spot in Mykonos, Little Venice is a quaint seafront neighbourhood with rows of colourful balconies suspended above the water. This charming site once housed the rich shipowners’ and merchants’ homes and later became the den of ferocious pirates like George Bao. Little did he know his deeds would subsequently inspire the creation of one of the hippest bars on the island! Indeed, a dash of notoriety never hurt. Nowadays Little Venice is where the jet setters invariably rendezvous, to catch the sunset with a glass of champagne at hand, then dance away their nights and worries. Choices abound, but the hottest places to be, to see and be seen are none other than:

  • The emblematic Semeli the Bar, an all-time favourite among the most enthusiastic Mykonos fans, famous for its views, cocktails and on the table dancing.
  • Bao’s, the bar that boasts the most famous sea facing “window” in Little Venice; named after the legendary pirate and honouring his audacious spirit with fiery cocktails and electrifying vibes.
  • Popular classics aside, Cantera in Little Venice, is a worth mentioning new entry in the food & party scene of Mykonos Town. With sweeping views of the famous windmills and the colourful houses floating above the water, this is one of the best sunset places in Mykonos. It is also a novel gastronomic sensation, bringing a sparkling new concept of Asian cuisine that combines the fusion of sushi with the meat cult!

Best sunset places in Mykonos: Semeli Hotel

Tucked in an elevated, quiet but fairly central corner of the whitewashed Chora, the Semeli best 5-star luxury hotel in Mykonos Town, is perfectly positioned to capture the best sunset vistas. Apart from panoramic views of the capital getting ready for another vibrant night, you can also enjoy your cocktails and dinner at the acclaimed, onsite Thioni and Krama Restaurants. The golden hour is paired with a minimal chic setting, laid back vibes, ambient tunes and beautifully dressed people, making a visit to the Semeli a must.

Best sunset places in Mykonos: Mykonos View Hotel & Oniro Bar Restaurant

Perched on a hill on the edge of the fashionable main town, the Mykonos View hotel offers mesmerizing vistas over the iconic sugar-cube houses, the sea and the horizon stretching infinitely beyond. Fashioned like a traditional Cycladic settlement, this charming hotel sports one of the most stunning pools in Mykonos with a spacious wooden deck and the perfect panoramic view for next level sunset watching. There is also an onsite world class bar-restaurant, aptly named Oniro (dream). The cool vibes and atmosphere, the killer cocktails, the delicious food and music make sunset-watching here ‘a show’.

Holidays in Mykonos is a multifaceted experience to be savoured 24/7. For insider tips, ideas and advice on how to make the most of your time on the magical island of the winds, check out our Semeli Hotel Blog and follow us on Facebook.

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