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Mykonos is world famous as a round-the-clock-party, glorious summer destination. But this doesn’t mean that life here, stops during the winter. Granted you’ll not find the intense, frenzied action of the busy season, but you’ll be bountifully rewarded by a serene, calm, much more esoteric (and in many respects more interesting) vibe; and that’s not to mention a striking winter scenery: Picture long, empty stretches of sand against the windy, blue seas; by now, verdant, rolling hills and a spectacular play of hide and seek between clouds and the cerulean sky.

But perhaps more importantly, you’ll get to enjoy the iconic Mykonian hospitality to the maximum; and at significantly lower prices too, by capitalizing on the seasonal Semeli Mykonos hotel special offers!

Locals are after all renowned for their kind hearted, laid back attitude (this is infact one of the basic attributes that lured the jet setters of the 60’s!); and it is best expressed when they finally had a chance to recuperate after the crazy summer months. So finally rested and restored, at winter, Mykonians open their hearts and homes to family members, friends, and well- meaning strangers, alike.

Christmas traditions in Mykonos

Like everywhere in Greece, the islanders have their own time honoured customs and rituals which they meticulously uphold. If you’re lucky enough to be in Mykonos in Christmas, you’ll be able to participate in a number of these truly special traditions.

The Saint Stefanos feast is one such example. On December 27th, locals and visitors come together to celebrate Saint Stefanos in his namesake church, by singing and dancing to old Mykonians songs. The sounds of the traditional “tsabounes” (bagpipes) and violins, create a magical atmosphere, while everybody dances in the typical- quite fast-Cycladic rhythm. Festivities ensue after the evening prayer, and in true Mykonos style, they go on until the early morning hours.

Epiphany, the day that Jesus was baptized, is also lavishly celebrated in Mykonos, as it is all over the country. According to the ancient custom, local priests “bless the waters” by hurling a crucifix into the sea. Young men then rush into the freezing waters to retrieve the cross, as whoever reaches it first will have good luck in the New Year; while local fishermen bring their boats to be blessed by the priest. This is one of the most major holidays in the Greek Orthodox calendar; as well as an astonishing, truly remarkable sight.

January 6th in Mykonos, also brings about the “balosia”; a Venetian custom, deriving from the words “ballonzolo” (dancing) and “ballocio” (short dance). Balosia signifies the commencement of the nautical period and, following the “blessing of the waters”, is celebrated with traditional dances, violins, bagpipes and tubas.

Throughout the holiday period, you’ll be moreover lured by the smells of sweets and food wafting from Mykonos’ alleyways, as homemakers bake the customary seasonal treats: “diples”, “foinikia” and “Christmas bread”. On New Year’s Eve, you’ll also get to hear traditional Mykonian and Delian carols ; and later on relish the impressive display of fireworks marking the arrival of the New Year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Semeli Hotel

Indeed, for all of us at Semeli hotel, Christmas epitomizes all that is magical in the winter in Mykonos! We’d like to take this opportunity to raise our glasses and toast all of our guests and friends who joined us again this year! Kala Christougenna (Merry Christmas) and Kali Chronia (Happy New Year) to everyone! We hope to see as many of you as possible again throughout 2018!

Start the New Year in style with Semeli Mykonos hotel special offers

And to give you some food for thought, you actually don’t have to wait until the start of the busy season to visit our island. Though it does wear its finest-and fanciest-in the summer; it’s winter facade is equally charming; blending age old customs with the trademark, Mykonian, elated spirit. In fact the Christmas festivities is but one example!

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After all Christmas is in the air and it is all about giving, caring and sharing. So why not treat yourselves-and your loved ones-to a delightful Mykonos escapade? Off or on season, It is certainly now easier than ever with our amazing Mykonos hotel special offers!

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