Experience a magical September at the Semeli 5 star Mykonos Chora Hotel

The crystal clear swimming view of Semeli Best Hotel in Mykonos.

Unbeknownst to most, but commonly acknowledged between those in the know, September is perhaps the best time of the year to enjoy Mykonos. The weather is still pleasantly hot, as the Meltemi Northern winds that plague the island in August, have by now ceased; shops, clubs and restaurants remain open and, most importantly, the crowds are gone. And it gets even better: locals, less pressurized at this time of year, are here to wholeheartedly welcome you and offer you an unforgettable experience.

If the idea of a last minute break to Mykonos sounds appealing, then opt to base yourselves in its splendid, whitewashed main town-with the tourists gone now you may enjoy wandering through its labyrinth, quaint streets without the hustle and bustle. A great choice is Semeli -in fact the only 5 star Mykonos Chora Hotel– which is popular among the hip and trendy set and much renowned for its aesthetic and cool vibes. Read on for more tips on how to maximize your September experience in the island of the winds:

Relish the weather

With average September temperatures hovering around the lower middle 20s (over 70F), rain remaining unlikely and beaches still ideal for sunbathing with the sea boasting the perfect swimming temperature at around 25 degrees, you may bask in Mykonos’ glorious Indian summer. This weather is ideal for unwinding and relaxing – you can avoid the intense heat of the summer and still soak up the warm rays of sunshine on the beach or at the comfy day beds by the large, freshwater pool of the Semeli 5 star Mykonos Chora Hotel.

Partake in the magic of the Harvest

September which is traditionally the month of the harvest, is dedicated to Dionysus, god of joy and wine. In this renowned for its intense party scene, quintessentially Dionysian island partying gets elevated into a wholly different level during September, as grape crushing is being held in its various wineries throughout the month. This is your chance to partake in a most unique experience which also involves copious feasting on local wine and foods along with music. Of course staying at the sleek and spectacular rooms and suites of the Semeli 5 star Mykonos Chora Hotel, which is named after the nymph Semeli, Zeus’s paramour and mother of Dionysus, should give you ample inspiration, especially at this time of year!

Enjoy exclusivity

Summer in Mykonos does not follow the calendar. With the bright sun still shining all over the Aegean and the sea warmer than ever, September in Mykonos feels like an extended August. Not much changes in the party scene either, apart from the absence of hordes (surely a good thing!). The whole shebang does go on in September, only it is now so much more exclusive and refined.

After a refreshing sleep at Semeli 5 star Mykonos Chora Hotel, continue your day with a hearty brunch at Semeli the bar at the town’s most idyllic spot, Little Venice. Following its recent refurbishment by acclaimed Greek architect Pavlos Ninios, this (in effect) Mykonos institution, is now going stronger than ever. Relax and order its mouthwatering delicacies and desserts, along with some fine champagne to keep you going for the day. Enjoy the spectacular, photogenic vistas and take a stroll at the maze like streets of Chora. Come sunset and the thing to do is return to Little Venice and Bao’s Cocktail Bar. Expect to rub shoulders with the world’s beau monde, as you sip one of the signature concoctions of Bao’s, whose daring spirit and allure comes from its namesake legendary pirate. The music and vibes must have put you in the right mood by now. This is Mykonos though, which means that the night is still young. A few steps away, Semeli the bar is where all action peaks as the evening steadily progresses. Be prepared to drop your best moves on the dance floor -or on the tables- in true Mykonos style. Oh yes! September is still in full swing and this island is buzzing with life! Come and live the dream at the Semeli 5 star Mykonos Chora hotel!

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