Epicurean delights at Semeli luxury boutique hotel Mykonos

Fresh fish dish with salad & potatoes served at Thioni Restaurant in Semeli Hotel Best Hotel Mykonos

Pleasures of the palate are among the most important -treasured and recollected- delights of the holidays. At Semeli luxury boutique hotel Mykonos, we are very aware of that so we place great emphasis on our food and drink. Taste, variety, presentation, service, overall ambience and aesthetic play equally fundamental roles and are harmoniously blended to create one of the most renowned, best fine dining restaurants in an island famous for its world class culinary establishments.

Impeccable culinary credentials at Thioni restaurant of Semeli luxury boutique hotel Mykonos

Picture a sophisticated, minimalist chic setting with a glimmering pool, some lovingly tended gardens, an elegant neoclassical mansion and a panoramic view of the Mediterranean’s party paradise in the background. Then add to the mix the cool yet professional staff, hip music, laid back vibes and several members of the world’s beau monde. And that’s not to mention the gourmet fare– fit for kings and queens.

This is what Thioni restaurant at Semeli luxury boutique hotel Mykonos is about.

With its stunning design and gorgeous food and drink, it is no wonder that it holds a special place in the hearts of the island’s gourmands. This is the realm of Chef Nikos Palantzas. Having learned from respected culinarians himself, the much acclaimed chef is passionate about making everything from scratch and sourcing the finest possible ingredients. A keen appreciation for food history plays a large role in the style and flavors that he displays at Thioni. “Culinary art is a revolving wheel. It helps to remember the ideas and techniques of those that came before us, while putting a modern twist on flavors and presentation”, he emphasises. His is a cuisine that’s inspired, yet unpretentious, with a focus on seasonal, local products and the ocean that’s right on the restaurant’s backyard.

An all senses experience at Thioni restaurant of Semeli luxury boutique hotel Mykonos

When you visit Thioni restaurant at Semeli luxury boutique hotel Mykonos (something which is sort of mandatory for travelers in the know), expect no less than to be dazzled by Palantzas signature creations.

Perhaps you’d like to start with a prawn martini; maybe some spring scallops with baby rocket and apple salad or the summer flavoured octopus in red wine served with fava from Santorini. As per the mains we strongly suggest that you try the homemade ravioli stuffed with crab in a creamy prosecco sauce; the crispy seabass with seared scallops and green peas in fish cream, the slowly pan fried Salmon with crab mush and Ikura Caviar and of course the grilled lobster with aromatic herbs and garlic butter. Do leave some room for dessert though; our smoked chocolate tarte and our lemon meringue are out of this world, as guests with a sweet tooth like to regularly ascertain.

Gastronomic delights are though but one aspect of Thioni restaurant at Semeli luxury boutique hotel Mykonos. The other forte is it’s unique, unparalleled atmosphere-imagine an amalgam of an uber cool, sophisticated party and a romantic, opulent, candle-lit dinner.

Indeed Thioni restaurant promises and delivers an unforgettable all senses experience, which embraces the welcoming spirit of Mykonos–distinct, original, and hard to leave. We cordially invite you to come and join the fun!

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