A fairy tale destination wedding in Mykonos


Though there’s been a fair amount of debate as per whether it signifies the commencement of a new decade or not, 2020 has arrived and as each new year, it should mark new beginnings. If committing to your beau, or belle is amongst your New Year’s resolutions, why not do it with maximum flair and panache? And when it comes to style no one does it better than the Mediterranean’s hottest holiday spot.

Destination wedding in Mykonos: the top choice for the world’s glamorous love birds

With its pristine, whitewashed scenery, glorious beaches, charmed life -and that’ s not to mention spectacularly dramatic sunsets; the island of the winds is rapidly becoming the top choice amongst glamorous love birds from all over the planet. It is a no brainer really: A destination wedding in Mykonos is all about saying “I do” basking in radiant light; against the photogenic backdrop of the glistening Aegean sea and Mykonos’ one of a kind, signature landscape. And then, of course, partying like a pro, in real Mykonos fashion! (Plus these pics and vids documentaries are bound to cause a sensation on Instagram!).

Destination wedding in Mykonos: As unique as you

Mykonos is all about freedom, and that has diachronically been an essential part of its allure. Which means that your dream destination wedding in Mykonos can be as cool and laid back or as luxurious and extravagant as you’d like it to be. Do you want to wear flip flops rather than heavy gowns and tuxedos? Maybe you’d like to play prince and princess resplendent in a wedding dress with a train? Would you like to savor the whole religious bit or get it over as soon as possible and then feel free to dive into the pool? Perhaps host a fully-fledged seated dinner for 50 -or 200- or head to town, start bar-hopping, keep the champagne flowing, and dance until the sun comes out?

No judgment passed. Indeed the choice is yours, and you’ll soon find out that your wish is our command.

Destination wedding in Mykonos at the Semeli best 5 star luxury hotel in Mykonos Town

Being the starry eyed types ourselves, at the Semeli luxury boutique hotel Mykonos we just love helping you start your new chapter in life in the best possible manner! This is why we are known for having organised and hosted some of the most legendary weddings in Mykonos: Each and every one as distinct and original as its protagonists: From glitzy, black tie affairs taking place around the hotel’s stunning, starlit pool or at the foodies paradise which is Krama restaurant, to crazy, all night parties at Semeli the Bar, Bao’s cocktail bar in Mykonos and Toy Room; even elopement-style, strictly for two unions; or closed ceremonies with your nearest and dearest; we are here to make it happen. To this end, sparing no effort nor attention to detail, we shall carefully listen to your ideas, factor in your desires and closely collaborating with select professionals, including our acclaimed onsite chef and several handpicked Mykonos wedding planners, we shall put together your version of the wedding of the century.

We shall even take care of the boring bits, like paperwork or permissions; and we will ensure that you look and feel your best on your big day with a host of pampering treatments administered in our luxuriously soothing Aegeo Spa. Then should you want a variety of events on the side -as befits a truly unforgettable destination wedding in Mykonos– our designer premisses and our premium rooms & suites in Mykonos town, such as the ultra opulent panoramic sea view Mykonos town Jacuzzi suite are just perfect for pre and post-wedding cocktails, brunches, theme or stag and hen parties. And there are always our famed party venues, right at the heart of the glamorous nightlife in Mykonos for some extra entertainment and more stories to tell. Just let us know what you’d like, then leave everything to us. After all you only marry once, you might as well get it right!

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