Delicacies of Mykonos

Dining tables and chairs at the restaurant in Semeli Luxury Hotel in Mykonos.

Mykonos, apart from its wild nightlife, is less known about its kitchen… however it’s time for you to get acquainted with the local delicacies that will give you one extra reason to (re)visit Mykonos! Without any further ado, these are some of the local specialties that will take you to a gastronomic journey without precedent…

  • Pites and Keftedes:
  • Kremmidopita: Homemade onion-pie with local cheese “tirovolia”
  • Xortopita: Homemade wild-greens pie that often contains cheese too
  • Marathokeftedes: Fried fennel balls
  • Kolokithokeftedes: Fried zucchini ball

Urchins: Fresh urchins in oil and vinegar are an original taste of the sea… Soumada: If you need something refreshing, a very refreshing non-alcoholic drink, Soumada is all you need! Bear in mind that it is served cold. Amigdalota: The ideal ending of a perfect “Lucullean meal ‘’ are the little almond sweets (Amigdalota) covered in icing sugar.

If you wish to try the local cuisine of Mykonos, you cannot find a better place than Thioni Gourmet Restaurant in Mykonos Town, where local specialties take a whole new meaning… a fine dining experience in Mykonos can start at Semeli Hotel, one of the top luxury hotels in Mykonos Town.

A traditional oven at a beautiful garden with trees and flowers in Mykonos.
A bottle and two glasses filled with a drink made of almonds in Mykonos.
Delicious dish with sea urchin and vegetables at the gourmet restaurant of Semeli Hotel in Mykonos.

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