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Enjoy the island of the winds by staying at the Semeli in Chora, the only 5* establishment among Mykonos City Hotels

November 27, 2019

Labyrinth cobblestone streets lined up with bougainvillea clad, sugar-cube houses, built next or on top of each other. Red and blue-roofed little churches dotting the rugged, dramatic landscape. Rows of thatched old windmills towering above the waves, glistening under the bright Aegean sun…

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Hotel News | Mykonos | Mykonos News

Mykonos in October? Certainly Yes!

October 23, 2019

Everybody knows -and loves- Mykonos for its misbehaving, daintily clad celebrities and uber glamorous, marathon parties. Yet at the end of the peak season, mega-yachts, jet-setters and superstar DJs alike, take off to chase the sun in other parts of the planet. As temperatures cool, everything starts winding down too on the island of the winds. Yet very few are aware of the fact that Mykonos is much more than the surplus value that the A-listers -and their shenanigans– generate with their annual summer visits.

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A Dionysian September in Mykonos

September 30, 2019

Glamorous merrymakers have been flocking here since the ’50s for a taste of the high life in the sunshine. But history demonstrates that the island of the winds has loved a good party since antiquity. It is only logical: Intensely worshipped by the locals, Dionysus, the god of joy and wine has imbued Mykonos with his distinctly exuberant, high spirits since time immemorial. This zestful cultural legacy finds its most exemplary manifestation in early autumn. Dedicated to the island’s ancient, mirthful patron Saint, September in Mykonos elevates fun into unprecedented heights. Opt to stay at the Semeli Mykonos luxury hotel to get the most out of your visit.

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Traveling to Mykonos: An essential guide for newbies by the Semeli Mykonos luxury boutique hotel

August 27, 2019

You’ve heard the rumors. Oh yes, with semi-clad celebrities and next door, bronzed gods and goddesses sprawling out in its beaches or superstar DJ’s parading in its clubs 24/7, Mykonos is the Mediterranean’s party central. Yet aside from its blue and gold seashores or bacchanalian merrymakers, the island of the winds has much more to offer to early birds and night owls, alike: A charming, quaint ancient town with whitewashed, cube-shaped buildings, iconic windmills and maze-like alleys; contemporary architectural masterpieces; picture pretty sunsets; Unesco heritage sites; glamorous shops to rival those of any metropolis in the world and a foodies scene to dazzle any self-respecting culinary jet setter.

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The Experience of Shopping in Mykonos

June 26, 2019

Uber famous for its glamorous party scene -complete with crates of the finest bubbly- Mykonos is the (not at all humble) abode of the voguish glitterati. It even sports its very own, distinct look: Think Greek goddess meets boho-island chic. And you don’t even have to forego a day on the beach -or miss out a moment from the party- to go shopping in Mykonos: Open until the wee hours, the glorious shops in whitewashed Chora turn its labyrinth streets into an all day – all night playground for the world’s fashionistas.Once purposely built in a chaotic manner to deter and confuse pirates in the post Byzantine era, nowadays the main town’s maze like alleys concentrate the lion’s share of shopping in Mykonos. Getting lost in them no longer presents a danger; but is an essential part of the fun.

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Greek fine dining at the Semeli, one of the best luxury hotels in Mykonos town

May 28, 2019

Charismatic, lavish, extravagant and for these traits, world famous, Mykonos showcases the best of what life has to offer. Superb, Michelin worthy even, food and drinks, included. Yet though the island sports a host of premium establishments with french, italian, sushi, and everything in between (indeed fusion in Mykonos is very much in vogue!); on the other hand it displays a peculiar lack of truly notable Greek gastronomic creations: The kind that are aligned with the times, though representative of the country’s remarkable culinary tradition; thoroughly mouthwatering and impossible to forget.

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A dream come true at the Semeli Luxury Boutique Hotel Mykonos

May 3, 2019

Opulent and sophisticated, Mykonos, the Aegean’s Grand Dame, offers the very best of what life has to give: A striking scenery, uber glamorous establishments and the white glove treatment in every aspect of your stay. But not all that shines is actually gold. The island’s rise to stardom has brought about a proliferation of watered down, unsavory even, imitations of the real deal. To save yourselves from disappointment; and to optimize your experience on the island of the winds here is why you should choose the Semeli luxury boutique hotel Mykonos as your base:

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Enjoy spring at the Semeli luxury boutique hotel Mykonos

March 19, 2019

Tired of the grey skies and the cold bleak weather? Thank god, spring is now in the air. Why not get rid of these winter blues with a mini spring break at the Semeli luxury boutique hotel Mykonos? After all you’ve got a wealth of good reasons for visiting the island of the winds in the springtime.

Read on for why you should opt for a sneak holiday preview at the Semeli luxury boutique hotel Mykonos, at this time of the year.

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Beaches in Mykonos for those in the know

February 19, 2019

You will (most likely) not go to Mykonos for peace and quiet. You will go to this world class Mecca of cosmopolitanism, to see and to be seen; to eat in gourmet restaurants like Thioni and Krama; to chill out at stylishly opulent hotels like the Semeli; shop designer clothes at 2:00 in the morning; sip champagne concoctions at Little Venice’s Semeli the Bar; rub shoulders with the glitterati at Bao’s; go clubbing until dawn at Toy Room and then continue to party on the beach.


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