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A Dionysian September in Mykonos

September 30, 2019

Glamorous merrymakers have been flocking here since the ’50s for a taste of the high life in the sunshine. But history demonstrates that the island of the winds has loved a good party since antiquity. It is only logical: Intensely worshipped by the locals, Dionysus, the god of joy and wine has imbued Mykonos with his distinctly exuberant, high spirits since time immemorial. This zestful cultural legacy finds its most exemplary manifestation in early autumn. Dedicated to the island’s ancient, mirthful patron Saint, September in Mykonos elevates fun into unprecedented heights. Opt to stay at the Semeli Mykonos luxury hotel to get the most out of your visit.

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Hotel News | Mykonos | Mykonos News

Traveling to Mykonos: An essential guide for newbies by the Semeli Mykonos luxury boutique hotel

August 27, 2019

You’ve heard the rumors. Oh yes, with semi-clad celebrities and next door, bronzed gods and goddesses sprawling out in its beaches or superstar DJ’s parading in its clubs 24/7, Mykonos is the Mediterranean’s party central. Yet aside from its blue and gold seashores or bacchanalian merrymakers, the island of the winds has much more to offer to early birds and night owls, alike: A charming, quaint ancient town with whitewashed, cube-shaped buildings, iconic windmills and maze-like alleys; contemporary architectural masterpieces; picture pretty sunsets; Unesco heritage sites; glamorous shops to rival those of any metropolis in the world and a foodies scene to dazzle any self-respecting culinary jet setter.

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