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Why spend Autumn in Mykonos?

September 20, 2021

Autumn in Mykonos means sunkissed days and balmy nights, calm crystalline waters and brilliant blue skies. Gold beaches you can enjoy without having to fight for a coveted seafront reservation. Whitewashed alleys in which you can actually walk – no fear of bumping into your annoying neighbour back home, but every chance of stumbling across one of the cute Pelican mascots. World-class monuments, art galleries and museums, you can explore without having to beat the hordes. And those top instagrammable spots you’ve been seeing on your feed all summer long, against which you may now pose without this or that tourist ruining your perfect shot…

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3 +1 great reasons to choose the Semeli best luxury boutique hotel Mykonos

August 9, 2021
3 +1 great reasons to choose the Semeli best luxury boutique hotel Mykonos

Golden beaches, glamorous people, 24/7 partying, mega yachts, Instagram’s top influencers and paparazzo-chased celebrities parading on the cobblestone labyrinth alleys of a quaint whitewashed medieval town. Yes, everything you’ve heard about the island of the winds is true – and even more electrifying than you might imagine. But how can you take it all in without missing out on even a moment’s fun? The key is to choose to stay at the appropriate Mykonos accommodation: One that is strategically located at the epicentre of the action and attractions, yet still allows you to get this much needed good night’s rest. After all, you’d be wanting to keep your stamina levels up on the island that never sleeps. 

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Why is a private Boat Rental In Mykonos a great idea?

July 19, 2021

From dusk to dawn partying, to cruising amid crystal blue seas, adventure takes many forms on the island of the winds.


Granted, at the Semeli Luxury Mykonos Town Hotel, we are big fans of the legendary Mykonos nightlife -with Bao’s, Semeli the Bar and Toy Room, among other emblematic temples of entertainment, we have certainly played our part in constructing that myth!


Yet in this blog post, we will be focusing on the daytime’s escapades and the pleasures of a private boat rental in Mykonos.

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Greek fine dining in Mykonos, Semeli Best Luxury Hotel

June 11, 2021

Michelin starred chef Ioannis Parikos joins forces with Krama Restaurant to introduce the concept of Greek fine dining in Mykonos

To the naked eye, Mykonos is just a small piece of (party) land floating in the Mediterranean. To those in the know, however, it is a paradisiacal, five star, five senses destination: With best-in-class food, sights and fun rolled into one mouth-watering package. Palatable pleasures indeed proliferate on this island that has become synonymous with the high life. You can have top of the range sushi and ceviche in Mykonos. French, Italian, American, Tapas, Peruvian or everything in between too. Fusion is very much in vogue and there are plenty of hot eateries that prove it.

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What to do in Mykonos

May 11, 2021

From glorious secret beaches to on-the-table dancing you’ll not get a moment’s boredom on the island of the winds. Here’s what to do in Mykonos to ensure you’ll remember this experience for life.

Paradisiacal beaches; a glitzy lifestyle; photogenic landmarks; stunning scenery; sacred monuments…Like all legends, mythic Mykonos has more than one components. Though each one is alluring in their own right, in this case, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. And it is beckoning all those who are craving for a taste of the good life.

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Easter | Hotel News | Mykonos

Easter in the Cyclades

April 23, 2021

Ancient mystique meets reverence and jubilation in the absorbing customs of Easter in the Cyclades

A cluster of islands smack in the heart of the Aegean, the Cyclades are a soul-stirring destination imbued with pristine natural beauty and the characteristically zestful, Dionysian spirit. They are named after the word “kyklos”, meaning “circle” in Greek, as they form an imaginary circle at the centre of which lies Delos: The sacred island of antiquity and birthplace of divine twins Artemis and Apollo.

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Get wowed at the best sunset places in Mykonos

March 17, 2021

Experience a modern-day idyll with our handpicked suggestions for the best sunset places in Mykonos

Mykonos is famous for many things: Its paradisiacal beaches. Its iconic Town. Its hedonistic lifestyle. Its dusk to dawn parties. Its misbehaving celebrities. Its dramatic sunsets. There is actually a whole ritual associated with the latter. And it has been taking place every afternoon ever since this pristinely beautiful, whitewashed island was discovered by the bon vivants of the ’60s.
Cocktails at dusk, this magical hour when the burning circle makes its spectacular dive into the deep blue Aegean waters, is a time-honoured Mykonian tradition. A favourite pastime even the most ardent beach bums can’t resist, even if this means that they have to leave their seaside fun to get ready.

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