Greek fine dining at the Semeli, one of the best luxury hotels in Mykonos town

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Charismatic, lavish, extravagant and for these traits, world famous, Mykonos showcases the best of what life has to offer. Superb, Michelin worthy even, food and drinks, included. Yet though the island sports a host of premium establishments with french, italian, sushi, and everything in between (indeed fusion in Mykonos is very much in vogue!); on the other hand it displays a peculiar lack of truly notable Greek gastronomic creations: The kind that are aligned with the times, though representative of the country’s remarkable culinary tradition; thoroughly mouthwatering and impossible to forget.

This is where the Semeli, one of the best luxury hotels in Mykonos town, enters.

Aiming to leave its guests with extraordinary holiday memories -and some very fond tales to tell- the Semeli, introduces the concept of Greek fine dining at its luscious, beautifully set Krama restaurant.

Greek culinary gems at one of the premium luxury hotels in Mykonos town

The reasoning is logical and quite simple, albeit often overlooked: A destination, howbeit cosmopolitan, renowned or refined, is much more than what’s on its polished surface: In order to really understand -and get swept away by- what Mykonos is about, one has to get acquainted with its folks and customs, sample its unique tastes and savor its treats.

Once again the Semeli, which deservedly sits amongst the most pioneering luxury hotels in Mykonos town, innovates by connecting its guests and friends with the soul of the island of the winds, through local gastronomy.

Following its successful launch in 2018, Krama is now open for yet another palatable season with star studded chef Ioannis Parikos, one of the most talented and respected Greek culinarians, at the helm.

With Parikos’ craft and ingenuity, time honored recipes from all over the country are rethought and recombined to create contemporary culinary gems that dazzle the most discerning gourmand’s palates. Informed by the axioms of simplicity, symmetry and balance, Krama proffers a cuisine that is inspired yet unpretentious; and as proportionate as it is imaginative. One that pays homage to the Cycladic and Greek culinary heritage; is aligned with modern aesthetics and imperatives; and found upon seasonality, the freshest raw materials and the ocean that is right on our backyard.

Parikos at Krama, a restaurant worthy of one of the best luxury hotels in Mykonos town, presents unique plates with which someone can actually fall in love: The red mullet tartare with corinthian raisins, red Florina peppers and Greek Bottarga; or the chicken fillet with cannelloni stuffed with mushrooms and Mykonos “louza” (local smocked prosciutto) and pine nuts; are indicative options.

Amalgamating Greece’s finest with contemporary presentation and techniques, Parikos’ signature creations for Krama, not only delight the senses; but also ideally serve the purpose which brought about their existence in the first place: That is to acquaint Mykonos’ visitors with our country’s one of a kind legacy and culture through the pleasures of the palate. And in the process, get them forever hooked!

After all this is the gist of what makes the Semeli stand out amongst the best luxury hotels in Mykonos town: A keen eye on detail; a distinct orientation towards pampering and pleasure in all shapes and forms; and the commitment to be at the vanguard of trends at all times. In fact Greece and all things Greek, are the latest, global vogue; and we couldn’t be more proud that the Semeli has played a part in all this!

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