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Fun, fun, and more fun –this is what holidays in Mykonos are all about: Champagne on the beach, cocktails on balconies, mingling and flirting with gorgeous boys and girls until the sun comes up. Celebrity spotting is on the agenda too. Look who’s dancing around you: your favorite Hollywood stars, supermodels, voguish fashion designers, pop idols! Whether at one of the island’s blue and gold shores or at its fairy tale Chora, the party’s swinging all day long. And it is packed with beautiful people. Feel Mykonos’ pulse, get forever hooked. Bathe in its prismatic, shimmering light, be transformed for life.

Still looking for the perfect place for your hen do? Hosting your bachelorette in Mykonos is a no brainer really. After all, you deserve to wave your goodbyes to your single status with a bang. Future hubby (or wife) is a winner but the rest of the world will soon lose out!

So muster your nearest and dearest -childhood girlfriends, ex-boyfriends and the rest of your partners in crime- for an unforgettable bachelorette in Mykonos. Week-long would be best but an extended weekend will also work. Read on for some insider’s intel and advice, to make sure that your bachelorette in Mykonos writes history:

Bachelorette in Mykonos – Stay in Town

Base your selves at the Semel 5* boutique hotel in Mykonos Town, combining proximity to the action, with all sweeping views and much-needed pampering. Chora, with its whitewashed buildings and labyrinth alleys (in fact a legacy from pirate times!), looks like something out of a storybook. It also happens to be the Mediterranean’s party central: It is the island’s main hub for socialization, shopping, and merrymaking. Alas, the price it comes with is some quite heavy inbound traffic. Perched on a slight slope, in a quiet albeit central corner of Chora, the Semeli best Mykonos hotel, affords quick and easy access to the sights (and the bars!), on foot. So you won’t have to worry about stationing your vehicle. It does have its own parking for residents only, however. This means that commuting to the beaches is stress-free and easy too.

Bachelorette in Mykonos – Seize the day

The Semeli’s breakfast is famous across the island with good reason. Packed with goodness and taste, it features a host of handmade treats, thoughtfully served until noon. Savor it at the privacy of your luxury Mykonos room or suite. Or get a head start on socializing with the smart set at Thioni Restaurant: Offering gorgeous views and delectable, all-day cuisine, it is one of the places to see and be seen in Mykonos. Just like the newly revamped pool area at the Semeli. Lounge on its designer day beds, work on your tan, get the latest scoop: Some VIP or another is bound to be within eyesight; feeding your appetite for social commentary.

Idling your days away shall certainly be tempting. But you are in Mykonos for a reason. One that requires you to look and feel your best. Don’t miss out on the pampering, rejuvenating therapies at the Aegeo Spa. Wouldn’t it be grand to enjoy massages, facials, mani’s and pedi’s with the whole gang? It is mandatory for any self-respecting bachelorette party, after all!

Bachelorette in Mykonos – Live the night

Come dusk, Mykonos puts on its finest. And so should you. Start as you mean to go with sundowners at Semeli the Bar and Bao’s, at Little Venice’s most photogenic spot. This is one of those time-honored Mykonian rituals, you just have to observe. You’ll be dancing on the floor, on the bar or on the tables in no time. A good idea is to book Bao’s special sea view, round table for your bachelorette party: You’ll be taking center stage and gazing at that stunning view, too. As the night unfolds the thing to do is continue your outing at Sanctus: A super-elite private club, geared to the world’s glitzy -champagne-sipping- paparazzi snapped- crowd. As for closure, all roads lead to the uber fashionable Toy Room: The stomping ground of models, singers, and A-listers were the best Mykonos cocktails are concocted by the top mixologists in town.

An alternative, but equally delightful scenario, would be to commence your evening with a pre-dinner drink at the Semeli lounge lobby bar. Boasting inspirational cocktails and happy go lucky vibes it bodes well for the night. Which in this case will proceed with a sumptuous dinner at Krama restaurant: No less than a foodies destination in its own right, with Michelin starred chef Ioannis Parikos on the helm creating palatable magic. Then it’ll be time to hit the town. Expect unrestrained dancing, crates of the finest bubbly and the world’s shiniest, brightest smiles, until the early morning hours. You are in Mykonos for your bachelorette -and anything-goes is the only acceptable attitude. Good thing that at the end of all this, your sumptuous bed at the Semeli, will be just around the corner. Adjust your pillows (there is a menu for utmost customization!), enjoy a peaceful sleep, wake up refreshed, hit repeat!

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