Why spend Autumn in Mykonos?


Autumn in Mykonos means sunkissed days and balmy nights, calm crystalline waters and brilliant blue skies. Gold beaches you can enjoy without having to fight for a coveted seafront reservation. Whitewashed alleys in which you can actually walk – no fear of bumping into your annoying neighbour back home, but every chance of stumbling across one of the cute Pelican mascots. World-class monuments, art galleries and museums, you can explore without having to beat the hordes. And those top instagrammable spots you’ve been seeing on your feed all summer long, against which you may now pose without this or that tourist ruining your perfect shot…

With the crowds gone back to work and school, autumn in Mykonos is textbook white island charm, with perfect weather and a still strong party vibe -albeit more refined and exclusive.

Like many other well-trodden destinations, it’s hardly a secret that Mykonos shines best in the offseason. Yet unlike other popular locales, where the end of the summer marks the beginning of inactivity and even gloom, autumn in Mykonos is anything but melancholic. Refusing to obey the official calendar rules, this swinging island continues to rock well into October -if not later than that.

Summer is still on during autumn in Mykonos

With temperatures hovering around the middle 20s (over 70F), plenty of sunshine but less hair wrecking northern winds, you may still indulge in most of the summer’s favourite pastimes. You’ll be able to swim in the sea, lie on the shore and dance on the sand. Yet you won’t have to wait too long before climbing on that jet ski -or surfboard. The Dj’s will still be spinning their tunes in the beach bars and the town’s hip clubs. But now you won’t have to reserve a deck chair or a table a week ahead on the see-and-be-seen spots. You also won’t have to stand in line behind the designer-clad vacationers, to savour sundowners -and views- in Little Venice’s iconic bars. Nor would you have to fight the crowds to admire the temple of Apollo: Antiquity’s sacred island and most prosperous commercial port, Delos, is open to the public throughout the year, and fall is among the best times to visit. You may even combine this escapade with a boat trip around the Cyclades. The weather certainly permits it- it is not called Indian summer without a reason!

The secret delights of autumn in Mykonos

With the crush of tourists, both those staying on the island and those poured out from cruise ships stopping in the harbour, radically eliminated by now, Mykonos Town is a delight night and day. Venture early in the morning to catch a glimpse of the fishermen hawking their catch of the day to local housewives and mega-yacht chefs alike, next to the iconic St. Nicolas Church. Wander through the cobblestone alleyways at dusk, when the towns’ many chapels are aglow with candles, for a spot of seeing and being seen (this is the time when the chicest crowds arrive on the island!). But also to shop till you drop in designer boutiques (taking advantage of their incredible seasonal offers!); sample traditional culinary delights like the local almond sweets; or visit beautiful old mansions turned into museums.

But perhaps most importantly, once the tourists taper off, it becomes easier to cut through the background noise -by this time you won’t be hearing the latest pop hit blasting from every corner- and tap into the essence of the island. Despite its cosmopolitan orientation, Mykonos remains very much faithful to its age-old folkways and customs. Distinctly Dionysian in spirit- the god of wine and merrymaking has been its patron saint since antiquity- Mykonos celebrates the annual grape harvest with zest and gusto. Held annually at the Agricultural Museum, in Boni’s Windmill, the Harvest festival in the middle of September is a prime opportunity to sample rare gems from the Mykonian vineyard along with local food, music, and traditional games. Likewise, you can join in the grape-stomping at Vioma Vineyard, to surround yourselves with wine and music fuelled, exhilaration and joy.

More chilled and easygoing yet packed with authentic, immersive experiences, autumn in Mykonos will make you want to come back for more and more, every year. To take it all in, stay in Chora, at the Semeli Mykonos, a 5-star boutique hotel, tucked in a quiet neighbourhood near the Aegean Maritime Museum. Zen-ish luxury blends with all sweeping town and sea views, at this bon-vivants’ abode, that’s befittingly named after Zeus’ paramour and mother of Dionysus.

Enjoy exclusive pampering, and a host of reviving therapies at the hotel’s Aegeo Spa -a detox session will surely come in handy after all the wine and merrymaking! Savour inspirational Greek-Mediterranean delicacies at the acclaimed onsite Thioni restaurant, by the Semeli’s star-studded pool, and cocktails at the connoisseurs’ favourite Lobby Lounge Bar. The party is still going strong in town, so why don’t you let our concierge arrange reservations for the best tables in Mykonos? In fact, you can ask them for whatever catches your fancy- from a private helicopter ride to a jeep safari, nothing is too much or too much trouble. Then after your fun-packed, thrilling adventures, your room or suite at the Semeli Mykonos town boutique hotel, will be waiting for a good night’s sleep. You’ll be needing all your energy to make the most of your visit, and that’s why in the morning we’ll be treating you to our signature breakfast, thoughtfully served until noon. Take advantage of our special offers and book your next Mykonos escapade as soon as possible. Surely there’s something unmissable going on next week- and you won’t want to feel left out!

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