5 star Mykonos Yoga Retreat at Semeli Luxury Hotel by Gail Smith


On my first visit to Mykonos last year I found it an island full of contrasts. The 5 star Mykonos glitz and glam shops, buzzing vibrant bars and nightlife then the traditional picture postcard whitewashed houses, iconic windmills, narrow pedestrian streets bedecked with bougainvillea and stunning scenery. Add a sky that glows with a fiery intensity as the sun sinks from heaven to meet a sea which during the day sparkles like it’s made of thousands of stars. Mykonos is something else!

Sunset at Little Venice in Mykonos. Amazing view of the sea and of the houses.

However it was the beautiful way Mykonos has managed to retain it’s cultural history yet embrace the need for change that ignited my imagination and sparked the idea to hold my first Find Balance Yoga Retreat on this stunning island. Once a poor island in the Aegean, now known for its trademark 5 star Mykonos glitz and glam, it has managed to find that thing most of us lack in this hectic world we live in – Balance. In this high speed, high pressure and high-stress world, we can find our lives get out of balance. We work so hard that work and family life can suffer, we can struggle to find down time, time to exercise, read, relax or time to simply enjoy a long hot shower. These modern day lifestyle demands can drain us physically, emotionally and mentally and make us ill.

As a yoga teacher I see the affect of these stresses regularly and as a yoga teacher I know yoga has a magical way of helping address these imbalances. This age old practice helps calm the restless mind and bring balance to the body. To offer a four night Yoga Retreat in Mykonos, seemed to be the perfect short term break to help escape the demands of daily routines, find a place to relax, practice yoga, be pampered, eat well, meet people and especially find space to slow down, renew, review, re-connect – Find Balance.

Find Balance at Semeli 5 star Mykonos hotel

The sun shines over the sea in Mykonos Town, where Semeli Best Hotel is located.

Imagine my excitement when the Semeli 5 star Mykonos hotel agreed to my holding the retreat at its amazing, sophisticated premises, which nestle perfectly amongst the distinct Aegean style small white houses of Mykonos town Chora.

Semeli, a name from Greek mythology and a 5 star Mykonos hotel that offers that unique blend I was looking for, sitting in perfect harmony with the surrounding architecture and environment but with contemporary modern luxury. Another example of – Balance The Semeli shares many things in common with my vision of a Find Balance Retreat. As you explore this 5 star Mykonos luxury hotel you will notice how its colours, stones and trees blend in perfect harmony with the sea and sky. The luxury accommodation together with unique personal customer services provides the ideal environment to treat yourself to that break from the demands of daily routines. Truly a space to slow down and re-connect.

Then there’s Aquaspa with its vast array of therapies and treatments for complete mind and body rejuvenation and the stunning pool with a fabulous decking area. Ideal for relaxing and that much needed pampering. 

The food? Local suppliers provide the freshest locally sourced ingredients, with an aim to use local products with a certificate of quality. The breakfast offers a huge selection of dishes to set you up for the day. The Thioni Restaurant provides a place to enjoy a range of mouth watering traditional Greek cuisine in truly stunning surroundings.

The Yoga? This Retreat will introduce you to Yoga for mind-body well-being and my way of integrating traditional yoga, mindful movement and contemplative practices to help balance the stresses created by our modern lifestyles. The aim of the energising morning practices and relaxing sunset practices: to help boost energy, improve flexibility & strength, activate the relaxation response, reduce anxiety & stress, stimulate restful sleep and enhance immunity. I want you to go home with a selection of simple practices you can blend into your daily routine, practices that will help you manage times of stress whenever they arise in your life. To me finding balance is a lifetime project, it’s ongoing and actually not a finite goal. I once read this definition – “Balance – the process of holding something steady during change.” I think those words reflect Mykonos, perfectly.

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Stylish sofa and wooden coffee table overlooking the pool at Semeli Town Best Mykonos Town Hotel.


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