Got a bad case of coronavirus blues? Keep calm and plan your trip to the Semeli, the premier of 5-star hotels in Mykonos


Ιn view of the corona crisis, the global situation is getting graver by the minute. As social distancing prevails we are all called to revise and adjust our lifestyle habits and routines. With strict travel restrictions in place, worldwide events called off and world-class attractions closed down, most of us are probably cancelling our upcoming holiday plans too. Amidst this game-changing pandemic, indeed the travel sector is among the most badly hit. Of course, the world’s tycoons are already looking to rent or buy private Greek islands to idle away their days of quarantine under the hot Medirenean sun. Alas, this is not an option for mere mortals. But no one can stop anyone from dreaming about (and for that matter planning for!) their future escapades.

The fact is that the weather will be getting warmer, kids shall be battling to get outdoors and you will be aching to bid your workplace (physical or online) adieu for a week or two. Even though at present chances of travelling seem bleak (or shall we say akin to a midnight summer’s dream?), don’t let the coronavirus crisis completely rob you of a vacation.

Just start thinking strategically about them. Here are a couple of key considerations to help you put things in perspective.

Don’t cancel. Postpone your plans of travelling to the island of the winds and the Semeli, the premier of 5-star hotels in Mykonos

Should you fly?

Though high-risk travellers are instructed to refrain from non-essential air travel, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has in fact deemed that the risk of infection during air travel is low, stating: “Because of how air circulates and is filtered on aeroplanes, most viruses and other germs do not spread easily on aeroplanes.”

The same does not apply to cruises, though. These normally put large numbers of people from different parts of the world in frequent and close contact with each other, which is a sure-fire recipe for the contagion’s spread.

Where to go?

The contemporary world is so inextricably intertwined that no country is spared from the coronavirus epidemic. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be called a pandemic. Granted it is difficult to predict how the situation is going to evolve in different parts of the world in the coming months. Yet scientific evidence suggests that a combination of high temperatures and relatively low humidity plays an important role in curtailing the spread of the disease. So the glorious Greek summer might as well be just what the doctor ordered! What’s more, the Greek government was swift and decisive in putting into effect a series of strict but necessary measures to contain coronavirus. Though we still have a long way to go, the restrictions seem to be paying off. With these considerations in mind it is quite logical to think -and perfectly safe to dream!- about planning ahead for your next trip to Mykonos, and the Semeli, the premier of 5-star hotels in Mykonos. The priority, of course, is staying safe and sane (and this is another reason why you should postpone or reschedule rather than altogether cancel your holiday plans!). Even if you can’t make it in July or August, bear in mind that September and October are simply fantastic in Mykonos with sunny skies, calm seas and mildly hot weather.

Where to stay?

Better safe than sorry, the old, sage adage goes. Which in terms of holiday planning in the times of corona, means that it is best to avoid large hotel complexes and instead opt for a small and intimate boutique hotel. Preferably luxurious, packed with pampering amenities and renowned for its privacy and bespoke, personalised service. Like the Semeli, the best among 5-star hotels in Mykonos and only one in Mykonos Town.

Go for big summer savings?

Up until very recently the best airfare and hotel deals usually required prepayment, which was often non-refundable. However, these days many travel companies are amending their cancellation policies in light of the pandemic. The Semeli, one of the most renowned 5-star hotels in Mykonos, is no exception. Placing safety first, this leading among 5-star hotels in Mykonos offers prospective guests the flexibility to change dates without a penalty.

Some industry experts are quite optimistic, predicting that the travel market recovery will be just as fast as its downturn. The rationale is that after a lengthy lockdown, millions will be itching for an adventure away from home. So once the summer sets in, and people feel safe to travel, all pent-up demand will snatch up good deals quickly. Whether this scenario is realistic or not, it might still be a good idea to lock in the smart deals now, rather than wait till later in the season. Especially given that, high-end 5-star hotels in Mykonos, like the Semeli, are allowing guests who prepaid for their stays to postpone their holidays until later in the year.

And what if summer comes and the health risk and/or travel ban continues? You can always beat the heat with a last-minute staycation. And just wait until it is safe for you to go out and play in the world’s most glamorous playground that is Mykonos. The weather will still be permitting this in the autumn. Let’s hope that God will be thus inclined, too!

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