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The best Mykonos massage

Shower yourselves with love at the Semeli Spa with a tailor-designed Mykonos massage  The ultimate gift any holiday can give is relaxation inside and out – complete body, mind and soul rejuvenation. With a holistic approach to well-being, at the Semeli best luxury hotel in Mykonos Town, we strive to offer you the 5-star treatment …

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Visiting Mykonos: Dos and don’ts

With mega-yachts moored in its harbour, modern-day Croesus traipsing its skies with helicopters and tons of champagne bottles getting uncorked every minute, Mykonos is luscious, glamorous and extravagant in equal amounts. But there’s more than the dazzling sands, pounding bass lines and insatiable revellers. If you are planning an escapade here this summer, here are …

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Mykonos Beaches for any mood

Life on the beach takes a whole new meaning on Mykonos’ spectacular shores Though it is a legendary party destination, Mykonos is more than letting loose on the dance floor and sleeping until noon. Surrounded by the Aegean’s sparkling blue waters, the island of the winds boasts some of the world’s most spectacular beaches –  …

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Island hopping in Greece (part 2)

Discover one pristine, sun-dappled paradise after another with island hopping in Greece Unrivalled seascapes, sensational views and a wealth of exciting things to do: The Greek islands are jaw-droppingly beautiful, world-class destinations with something for everyone. From wild and glamorous, to off-the-beaten-track, there are islands as if tailor-designed for you – and it’s not just …

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Island hopping from Mykonos (part 1)

Island hopping from Mykonos is the best way to take in the beauties of Greece’s shiniest stars: The Cyclades. Sure, with its hefty mix of glamour, 5-star accommodations, no-holds-barred partying, jaw-dropping scenery, fine dining and paradisiacal beaches, Mykonos is as exciting a holiday destination as it gets. Yet the Mediterranean’s hip queen sits smack in …

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What to pack for Mykonos: 5 things you should not go without

Summer is finally coming and you can’t wait for your upcoming white island adventure. Of course, you wanna look cool and up to date and sizzling hot at the same time. Wondering how to go about it? Here’s what to pack for Mykonos, to make sure all eyes are on you – for the right …

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Life is one big, rainbow-coloured celebration in Gay Mykonos

With DJs playing live even in the supermarket, you can dance, flirt and make new friends 24/7. In Gay Mykonos anything can, and indeed does, happen –though mercifully stays here! With a signature mix of breathtaking beaches, award-winning restaurants, extravagant boutiques, iconic 5-star luxury hotels, white-glove services and dusk to dawn champagne-drenched parties, Mykonos has …

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10 + 5 fun and interesting Mykonos facts

Use these intriguing Mykonos facts to impress your friends, family or hot date while holidaying on the island of the winds. Yes, you’ve heard all about the glorious beaches, the wildly glamorous nightlife and the misbehaving celebrities. But you probably know little or next to nothing about its myths, legends and history. Were you aware, …

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Christmas in the Cyclades

Christmas in the Cyclades comes with a pinch of salt. Experience the islands’ wonderful and somewhat weird Christmas traditions with a winter escapade that goes beyond the ordinary. Brimming with symbolism and energy, Christmas is a time of elation and joy around the world, whether you are a devout Christian or not. And what is …

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Dreaming of a white and blue Mykonos Wedding?

With sensational beaches, breathtaking sunsets and some of the finest wedding venues the hospitality industry has to offer, Mykonos sits at the top of many brides’ and grooms’ to be destination wedding wish lists. And once you have decided to have a Mykonos wedding, finding the perfect place to say ‘I do’ on the island …

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