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December 13, 2016

BAO’s Cocktail Bar is the latest opening from the Semeli Group. BAO’S is located in Little Venice with its amazing views and is here to dominated the sundowner cocktail hour in Mykonos from 6pm onwards. What better than enjoy a frozen Mango Dazzle when coming back from the beach or having one because you just fancy it! And that’s one of the many signature cocktails to be had at BAO’S!

Many will wonder what BAO’S means or how the name came about. Well there is a story or a legend behind it .


And the story goes…..


The little island right across Mykonos was once upon a time the lair of the well-known Pirate George Bao.


A legendary defender of Mykonos during the first revolution of 1770. George Bao fought bravely against the Turks and protected his compatriots. From his den Pirate Bao looted and overrun enemy ships anchored on the narrow passage between the two islands. As a reward for his noble services, the little island was gifted to the brave pirate and ever since bears his name. Later a chapel of Saint George was built on the island honouring the man who guarded Little Venice’s shore.


Today, BAO’S is a tribute to the legendary pirate and is there to keep you happy and merry with the best cocktail list on the island, great music and much more. You only need to download the Semeli Hotel app on your mobile phone and book your seat and get swept away by the ambiance of BAO’S!







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